Sunday, September 9, 2007

Gore vs Bush or More Hannity Inanity...

Seems that Sean Hannity is attacking Al Gore for flying in a private jet.

But Duhbyah does a little travling himself.

Which is nothing new.

So since Sean Hannity has gotten this ball rolling, let's do some comparing of the two fellows.

Gore vs Bush in 2007

Gore flies either commercial or private planes with no cost to the American Taxpayer.
Bush flies in Air Force One at enormous expense to the American Taxpayer.

Advantage Gore.

Gore plane gets 1.2 miles per gallon.
Bush plane uses Five gallons per mile. (Plus the cost of aC 141 to haul motorcade and support)
Advantage Gore.

You get the idea, so weigh in with your comparisons.

Let's have some fun!


kestrel9000 said...

Mike Stark said it best.

Anonymous said...

Gore---Working hard to save the world.
Bush---Working hard to destroy the world.
Advantage unknown.
See last post on this site for countdown clock.

Pablo said...

The sad thing is that the masses that conservative talk shows target, do not have the intellectual capacity to see the foolishness and hypocracy of their handlers. And the handlers know it.....

JohnH said...

What's so F#$%*** ironic, is that if you truly observe those NEOCONS who claim to be such flag-waving's obvious that they love their party (and leaders) more than their country!