Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rockingham Democratic Caucus

Please visit the RCDC website and click on "Call to Caucus" for detailed information.

Both Sam Rasoul and Drew Richardson are seeking delegates, so if you have an interest in being involved in the making of history, please contact the campaign of your favored candidate.

Telephone: 540.784.4594


Telephone: (540) 904-1308

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Keep it on the high road

We want a spirited contest for the Democratic nomination for House of Representatives. But, we do not need the mudslinging and BS that has been flung far and wide recently - esp. by one of the campaigns. Whoever emerges with the nomination will have a prize worth little if tarnished by lies and distortions leading a divided party.

I'm not sure who started it, but I know some have gone over the line. Judge for yourself: Rick Howell calling Sam Rasoul a "closet Republican." Or Adam Sharp's attacks on Cobalt6. Or, the subtle knife in the back style of the anonymous 81blue (which seems to have gone silent).

Enough already.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life and Death

This week, 6th District Democratic Chair David Layman passed. A Democrat to the very end, he suffered an apparent heart attack while leading a meeting of the committee. His wife was heard to say, "if he'd known this would happen, he'd have voted by absentee ballot." David's leadership and commitment to the Democratic Party, justice, and rights will be missed.

Also on the 6th District scene is the birth of a new blog: 81blue. Sneaky like a fox, it purports to be fair and balanced, but a careful read of early postings shows a crafty casting of aspersions on one candidate for House of Representatives while subliminal praise of the other. Hum. Would David approve? Will 81blue will be around after the Dems nominate the "other" guy? Hope so - it will take a united effort to unseat an entrenched incumbent.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Great Debate---6th Congressional District

6th Congressional District
Democratic Debate

Sam Rasoul and Drew Richardson

Tuesday Night, April 1, 2008 at 7:00

Harrisonburg City Council Chamber

409 S. Main Street (adjacent to the Municipal Building)
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

The Harrisonburg City Democratic Committee
The Rockingham County Democratic Committee

Together will host a debate between the Sixth District Democratic candidates on the issues that affect the City, the County and the Region. The host and moderator will be Martha Woodroof, reporter for WMRA Public Radio.
What You Can Do: We would like for this event to be a conversation with the community about the issues that concern our citizens. Please contact your friends and neighbors to extend an invitation to attend, and to submit questions and comments for the candidates. This is our opportunity to bring the issues that concern our community and congressional district before the candidates and the public. It is also an opportunity to comment on our current U.S. Representative – Congressman Bob Goodlatte. Please help to make this a spirited and topical conversation that helps to generate enthusiasm and voter participation. Participate in your democracy!

Deadline: One week. Friday March 21st Please return all questions,
comments, red-hot issues, lingering complaints and policy concerns to:
Event Coordinators:
Robert Wilson -- RCDC
Jaime Porter -- RCDC
Cheryl Talley -- HCDC