Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life and Death

This week, 6th District Democratic Chair David Layman passed. A Democrat to the very end, he suffered an apparent heart attack while leading a meeting of the committee. His wife was heard to say, "if he'd known this would happen, he'd have voted by absentee ballot." David's leadership and commitment to the Democratic Party, justice, and rights will be missed.

Also on the 6th District scene is the birth of a new blog: 81blue. Sneaky like a fox, it purports to be fair and balanced, but a careful read of early postings shows a crafty casting of aspersions on one candidate for House of Representatives while subliminal praise of the other. Hum. Would David approve? Will 81blue will be around after the Dems nominate the "other" guy? Hope so - it will take a united effort to unseat an entrenched incumbent.

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