Sunday, February 17, 2008

How Many Lightbulbs does it take to Screw Up a Mountain?

Tuesday March 11, 2008 at 7:00 pm
Court Square Theater in Harrisonburg, VA

Enjoy the Music of "Shen Fine" prior to the film

Panel Discussion to follow Featuring:

Mike O'Connell---Award Winning Film Maker and Producer

Ed Wiley---Community Activist Featured in MTR Film

Lorelei Scarbro---Spokesperson for Coal River Mountain Watch

"At times, it seems news of environmental and ecological exploitations of other nations
is at the forefront of our awareness. What's happening in our own country, our own backyard, is neglected or ignored.”

Admission-Courtesy of

For More Information Call Lowell Fulk @ 540-820-2592 or 540-896-1323
Court Square Theater, 61 Graham Street, Harrisonburg VA 22801 540-564-1692

Authorized and Paid for by 7GPAC

How will what we do today affect the next Seven Generations?


Anonymous said...

The indy newspaper WashingtonCityPaper has a classified ad of interest for Obama-ites and Hillary supporters. Not so much for supporters of Dem or Repub white guys. See:


A couple of the artistas affiliated with the website that seems to have created the “MINORITY PRESIDENT: GET USED TO IT” graphics are in the Shenandoah Valley.

Anonymous said...

What a great site! I really like the way you have linked to different information. I will plan to be at the movie.
Thank you for doing this!
Also, the 7G psa is great!

Anonymous said...

I knew about strip mining, but mountain top removal? I will make sure to turn off any light that isn't being used from now on!
Horrible, just horrible.
We are such a wasteful country, and at other people's expense.