Monday, December 20, 2010

Help Us Support the Troops!

Please join us as we show support for the brave, selfless young men and women PROUDLY serving the United States in Afghanistan. Help us send them a bit of home while they are so far away.

We are putting together care passages that will be sent to three units stationed overseas in Afghanistan. Your help with this effort will make a great difference!

Think about the little things that you enjoy, and perhaps take for granted, and... let’s be a blessing as best we can to these wonderful young people!

Keep in mind that we also need to raise money for postage and shipping to get our care packages delivered overseas.

If you can help with a small contribution to help cover the shipping costs,
Please make your check to:

Seven Generations PAC
11830 Fort Turley Trail
Linville, VA 22834
Put Operation Show We Care in the memo/for line of your check.

Your help with this effort can make an enormous difference! Remember, many hands make light work.

One more very important part of this operation: Please include a card or message with your donated items letting our young soldiers know that you care and that you appreciate the sacrifices they are making on our behalf.

Let them know what we LOVE and SUPPORT them…

Thank you ever so much for your help!

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For more information, click to send an email to: C.J. Ritchie or Lowell Fulk.


Lowell Fulk said...

Collection point in Broadway is:

Blue Ribbon Nursery and Landscaping, LLC
Chad Comer
192 South Main Street
Broadway, Virginia 22815

Monday - Saturday 9 am - 6pm
Sunday - 11:30 am - 4:30 pm


Thank you Chad Comer!

Lowell Fulk said...

Collection point in Harrisonburg's down town:

Law Office of A. Gene Hart

71 Court Sq
Harrisonburg, VA 22801-3720
(540) 434-9595

9:00am - 5:00pm

Lowell Fulk said...

Collection point for Eastern Rockingham County:

Trailblazer Auto Sales

34 Bloomer Springs Road
McGaheysville, VA 22840-2341
(540) 289-7791

"Beside Hank's BBQ" on East 33.

Bubby said...

# Baby Wipes - packets are better than tubs. Much better than baby wipes, per se, are the "Hoo Ahhs" brand of pre-moistened, alcohol-free, unscented Field Towels
# Beef Jerky/Slim Jims
# Energy Bars (Power Bar, etc. - Unless a specific brand is requested, much better than standard civilian energy bars are the "HOOAH!" brand energy bar based on the U.S. military's own specially formulated bar that better meets the soliers' needs)
# Hot Sauce (Tabasco, Red Devil, etc.) - wrap glass bottle in duct tape and place in doubled zip-lock bags
# Sunflower seeds
# Peanuts
# Seasoning Salt (Lawry's, etc.)
# Atomic Fireballs / Jolly Rancher hard candy (for service member use)
# Smarties or SweetTart candies (for local children who prefer sour style candy to build relationships with community)
# Powdered Energy/Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix (Gatorade, etc.)
# Chewing Gum
# Avon Skin So Soft - great for removing face paint and also reputed to be an effective bug repellant (the latter seems variable based on personal experience and reports)
# AA-cell Alkaline Batteries
# Personal Hygiene Gear: Disposable Razors, Toothbrush and Tooth Paste
# Eye Wash / Drops (Visine, etc.) for flushing dust and sand out of the eyes
# Zip-Lock style Plastic Storage Bags - assorted sizes, heavier freezer style are better
# Copenhagen Snuff in a tin ("Even if the service member doesn't dip snuff, they will be a hero and have more power than the Commanding Officer if they have a 'log' (10 cans) of 'Hagen.' A large percentage of infantry use this stuff and it is hard to get. The stuff they do get comes in a plastic can and tastes terrible. The 'Stateside Hagen' is the most powerful bargaining tool in a field environment!")
# Pre-paid Phone Card so service member can call home

Bubby said...

What not to send:
# Anything that melts (if you just must send chocolate, send M&Ms)
# Waterless Hand Cleaner/Sanitizer - generally makes mud, wipes are preferred
# Flashlights - Everybody has one and never gets to use it due to visible light discipline restrictions.
# Compass - Everybody SHOULD already have one attached to their Load Bearing Vest/Harness
# Sun Screen - already issued in mass quantities, drowning in the stuff
# Liquor of any sort
# Pornography of any sort. This includes "soft porn" such as Playboy mags.