Sunday, January 28, 2007

UN American? or REAL American? Your Call....

What are your thoughts?

Are these American Veterans who question the war in Iraq being UN-Patriotic? UN-American? Are they helping our enemy and harming our country?

Or are they the ultimate Patriots for standing up and demanding answers and a different direction?
Weigh in with your opinion!

"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president."
Theodore Roosevelt


Ed Hale said...

This whole argument is enough to make a thinking person want to break something! How has our society come to this point? We have 50,000 plus names on a wall in Washington D.C. because of this type of appeal to patriotism, and the ensuing attack on anyone who would question the direction.
I'm not against war per se, but it darned well better be a real reason and threat to ask me to give up my two young boys to go off to war and perhaps get killed or crippled..... And this war hasn't met those "standards" at least in my mind......

Anonymous said...

I think that "we the people" must demand answers and "accountability" from the very people who got elected by promising accountability to the voter/taxpayer.
I commend the people who dare to step forward and ask the hard and often unpopular questions of our government. Great quote by Roosevelt!

Anonymous said...

I dunno but those guys in the picture look like some pretty tough dudes to me. My vote is that they are patriots.

Anonymous said...

Real Patriots! No question! Thank God we have people like these, who have lived through life, and can give us perspective on mistakes our country has made in the past!

Leroy Stevens said...

I am sick and tired of people who have neve given anything to their country deciding what the rest of us must do!
50,000 or more names are on that wall in Washington D.C.
Names of my friend who I served with, and lost, in a profit for corporation sponsored war.
I am sick of this bull.
You who call yourself patriots now........ Why don't you volunteer?????