Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mark Obenshain seeks power, no mention of doing good work for Virginia...

In a November 13, 2007, letter to Sen. Walter Stosch, Sen. Mark Obenshain writes:

Difficult as it is to address this issue, I believe that it is time for a change in the leadership of the Senate Republicans.
I believe that we need a new leader who will help us come together as Republicans, stop the infighting, focus on the ideas that unite us as a party, and set about rebuilding for the future.
Any student of military history understands that dividing an army is undertaken only at great peril and when absolutely necessary.
Since I joined the Senate, our leadership has consistently divided Republican ranks. Examples abound, including doing battle with House Republicans, dissolving the joint Republican Legislative Caucus, the functional dissolution of the Senate Republican Caucus and the establishment of the Republican Senate Leadership Trust.
It is imperative that we immediately refocus our attention on the ideas that brought the Republican Party to power in the 1990s.
We must look for common ground, not just with a majority of our colleagues in the Senate, but also with our colleagues in the House.
Towards that end, we must immediately move to reestablish the Joint Republican Legislative Caucus.
Last, but not lease it is important that the Virginia Senate Republican Leadership Trust, with its exclusive membership and loyalty oath, be retired.
It is my hope that you will agree with my observations and that you will agree that it is time for a change in direction and new Republican Leadership in the Senate as we adjust to last week's setback, and prepare again to resume the majority in four years or sooner.
I ask that you have a positive and productive dialog as we promptly make it known as to whether you plan to step aside as Republican Leader so that we can prepare for our meeting on November 26.

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Tony Montana said...

I never did like this guy.