Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Once Again the VA GOP Shows the World it's Lunacy

In an act of extremist desperation reminiscent of the tactics of nazi Germany, communist Russia and of secret cults, the VA GOP decided on Monday to REQUIRE people who vote in the primary to sign an oath of allegiance to their chosen candidate.

As the Huffington Post reports: "The Virginia GOP has found an interesting way to discourage non-Republicans from voting in their presidential primary. Voters will be required to sign an oath pledging to support the party's nominee for president.
Sen. Harry Byrd Jr. (D-VA) famously bolted from the Democrats and became an independent in the 1970s due to such a loyalty oath being imposed on candidates, but this goes an extra step by putting the the oath to voters. Oddly enough, the state Board of Elections has approved the request, even though it would be impossible to enforce the contract not only practically, but probably in legal terms, too — as contracts requiring a party to vote a certain way in an election are illegal."

Attorneys agree that this oath is non-binding and unenforcable, but do the voters know that?

Between the radical candidates and extremist policies the VA GOP is losing touch with mainstream republicans and perhaps with reality in general. But must they embarass the rest of the state too?


Anonymous said...

The really dumb thing is idea that democrats would be willing to trade their vote in their own primary to vote in the republican one.

polly said...

this is a sign of a party in decline. the hard liners are going to push the voters to the centrist dems.
they have already helped the dems get the senate majority by tossing out republican marty williams in teh primary for far right winger stall.
stall went on to lose what had been a solid republican seat to democrat miller. moderates like hanger are in danger from their own party, not the voters.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an act of desperation based on paranoia. The repugs are a mess.

Anonymous said...

desperation based on paranoia, sums it up pretty well.
they retreated from the whole deal though, didn't they? they don't stand for anything at all. scream one day for one thing, and then scream against it the next day when they see that people don't like the idea.