Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Southern Christian Stupidity and Intolerance

Ignorance, Not Islam, Is The Enemy

(RNS) In a single vote, the Texas State Board of Education managed to undermine Christian-Muslim relations, hamper religious literacy and impose ignorance on our kids at a time when they need knowledge to live and work in a competitive and integrated world.

Board members--no foreigners to strange and bizarre decisions--voted to scrub textbooks of anything that smacked of a "pro-Islam" or "anti-Christian" bias. Texas textbooks, by their sheer number, end up setting nationwide standards.



Jose said...

Can we just nuke them all? Or finally honor their request to secede? The south has done nothing over the past century to contribute to this country. They have destroyed our democracy, depleted our resources, ruined our supremacy on the world stage, constantly embarrassed us on the world stage, cost the north untold amounts of money, stymied Congress from being effective, and created american hatred worldwide.

Southerners are just as evil as Al Queada. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Jose you can always move.