Sunday, March 18, 2007

Busy Week, Busy Months Ahead!

The week just passed has been quite full and exciting for area Democrats!
Both the county and the city held meetings.

We now have candidates for Clerk of Court, County Commissioner of Revenue, Virginia Senate, Board of Supervisors, and even someone considering a run for Congress.

Time to begin work to support these folks who are willing to put themselves out there in the very public contest to earn the public trust and serve the public interest.

Thank you to the candidates for choosing to run.

We will be there for you!


Anonymous said...

Who are they? Diane for Clerk, Mike for Sup. Who for Rev Commish? Who for Senate? Isn't Congress next year?

Anonymous said...

one lonely democrat versus all those republican leaning independents. how can diane hope to win?

Tory said...

I'd like to help. Could you post the contact information for our candidates so I can send a small (I can't afford much) donation?
I'd also be willing to host a gathering in my area to meet candidates.

Lowell Fulk said...

One candidate is ready to go and is eager for your help right now!
The rest will be ready in the next few days.

For now you can support "Friends of Dianne Fulk" at:

Friends of Dianne Fulk
11830 Fort Turley Trail
Linville, VA 22834

and you can volunteer by emailing to:

Dianne's website will be up in the next week!

This is exciting folks! We can gain alot this year!

We have excellent candidates who are right for the job!