Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Candidates for Rockingham, Harrisonburg, and the Sixth Congressional District...

We now have two individuals seeking the Democratic nomination for office.

Esther Nizer of Elkton has filed the necessary forms to become candidate for the position of Rockingham County Commissioner of Revenue!

As noted here in previous threads and in the news media,
Dianne Fulk of Linville has filed to become candidate for the position of Clerk of Court for Harrisonburg/Rockingham County.

Thanks to both women for your willingness to pursue public office.
We must do everything we can to help them to a victory in November!

There are now three potential candidates for the Democratic nomination for candidacy in the Sixth Congressional District, the seat now held by Representative Goodlatte.
These individuals will be invited to RCDC meetings in coming weeks to introduce themselves, state their positions, and speak with our group.

And Maxine Roles of Page County is seeking the Democratic Nomination to be our candidate in the race for Virginia's 26th District Senate seat now held by Senator Obenshain.


Maria said...

What a change!
A few short years ago you couldn't find anyone who would admit to being a democrat. Now...
We have good quality and engaging candidates for quite a few offices!
Are there events planned? How can we help?

Anonymous said...

Elkton parade 5:30, Sat Aug. 4th, both candidates for comm. of rev. are planning to be there, come out to enjoy the parade and support your democrat with a loud cheer. The main thing that democrats need to do to help is get out there and vote!