Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Continued thread on Clerk of Court Candidates


What candidate do we have who has the qualifications to do the job of running the Clerk's office?
Let's see, who are the announced candidates so far?...

In alphabetical order:
  • T. Scott Biller, general manager of Lindsey Funeral Home. Independent.
  • Cynthia Fitzwater, Assistant to the City Treasurer. Independent.
  • Dianne Fulk, Deputy Clerk, Seeking the Democratic nomination.
  • Mike Harvey, president of a real estate and settlement insurance company. Independent.
  • Brenda Huffman, Deputy Clerk. Independent.
  • Chaz Evans-Haywood, former regional representative for former U.S. Senator George Allen. Seeking the Republican nomination.
  • Sarah Jones, real estate agent. Independent.
  • Benny Neal, self employed businessman. Independent.
  • Myron Rhodes, dairy farmer and local activist. Independent.

There are still at least four more individuals who have let people know that they are considering a run. We know who they are, but until they decide to announce formally it wouldn't be fair to name names.
Let's discuss the known candidates for a bit.

What are their qualifications or lack thereof?

Who do you like? Who would you like to see?

And very importantly, what are the qualifications necessary to do the job?

And just as important, does it matter if they can do the job or not, or is it just simply a question of who can get elected?


J. Sarge said...

I have dealt with Mrs. Fulk before. She was very helpful. She definitely has relevant experience. Given the name recognition generated by her husband's candidacies, I imagine she'll have a good chance.

Then again, I'm not from the area, so my knowledge (especially of the other candidates) is limited.

Anonymous said...

That little Rhodes boy knows his udders, and he's working really hard on his spelling. Let's give him a chance.

Robert said...

I am glad to see Ms. Fulk as a candidate. I have had occasion like J. Sarge to deal with her over the past year and she is very knowledgeable and works hard to make dealing with the clerk's office a productive and pleasant experience.
She puts harried and stressed people at ease and efficiently handles their situation in a very professional manner.
I no longer have to wonder how I will cast my vote in November.

TAW said...

I don't think there are any required qualifications to run for this office beyond being a resident of Harrisonburg/Rockingham County and filing the necessary candidate options. But it seems like having someone who has worked in the office or a related occupation would make the best candidate.

Rockdem said...

Note to bloggers:

Thank you for participating in this conversation.

We have received several email messages regarding a few tasteless comments that were posted in this thread.

There are other blogs which are more than happy receive base and demeaning comments.
If your wish is to engage in banter of that nature, please participate elsewhere.

We would like to maintain legitimate and relevant dialog.

We will delete comments which attempt to push the discussion into the realm of tabloid style trash talk. In other words, nothing about body parts, ok?

Speaking to the candidates’ qualifications or lack thereof is the purpose of this thread.
Even criticism can be respectfully done.

Thank you for understanding.

Anonymous said...

fulk is a democrat and will raise taxes. period. and she is a woman and everybody knows a woman cant deal with money. my vote goes to the republican. i know the republicans will put a man in office. thats what is important to me
a man who wont raise my taxes

Anonymous said...

shut up and sing

Jim said...

Scott Biller is a business manager, thus making him a great candidate to run the clerks office. I don't see any others that have that qualification. He has lived in this community all his life and knows how the citizens expect to be served as he he has done that in his line of work.

Anonymous said...

Myron gives dairy farmers a bad name (not to mention bloggers, too.)

Anonymous said...

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