Monday, August 11, 2008

How would you vote today?

Harrisonburg voters have had some time to get to know the candidates for City Council and Treasurer. If you are a Harrisonburg Resident and plan to vote in this year's election, which candidates would you choose?

Please choose three (3) in the City Council race.

If the Election for Harrisonburg City Council were held today, who would you choose? Vote for three.
Rodney Eagle - Ind - Incumbent
Charles Chenault - Rep - Incumbent
David Wiens - Dem
Roger Baker - Ind
J. M. Snell - Rep
Richard Baugh - Dem
Tracy Evans - Rep
Kai Degner - Dem
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If the Election for Harrisonburg City Treasurer were held today, How Would You Vote?
Jeff Shafer - Ind - Incumbent
Penny Imeson - Rep
Bill Ney - Dem
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