Thursday, August 7, 2008

Valley cuts budget to help NOVA jail illegal immigrants?

I wonder if somehow in the scheme of government financing these two are related?

Harrisonburg and Rockingham County may send almost $800,000.00 back to Richmond to help close budget shortfall.


Jail officials said holding suspected illegal immigrants in Prince William County cost almost $800,000 more than expected in the previous fiscal year.

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Bubby said...

Prince William's BOS decided to take on the Federal government's job of rounding up undocumented immigrants, a very foolish move. First they scared the bejeezus out of the immigrant community who started the real estate sell-off, then energy prices took the shine off of far-away PWC real estate as a home location for the everyone else.

What will the County do? Pass a tax increase to pay for their jail costs, or open the doors and let them go? Home values have fallen badly in PW and folks are going to feel even poorer when they see those new RE taxes! Either way, it is their bed, let them lie in it.