Friday, August 1, 2008

This is their Best???

The GOP should be getting very concerned...

Looking Downhill From Here For Republimerican Manipulation and Stupidity...


Anonymous said...

look at the campaign messages.

one candidate talks about working together

one candidate talks about how scary the other candidate is

one candidate has ideas about the war that have proven to be right and now the country is being moved in that direction

one candidate has made fun of those ideas, and then claims that's where he was all along, and that his opponent is scary

one candidate is trying to bring the country together

one candidate is trying to divide the country by saying how scary it is if the other candidate wins, cause the country isn't "ready", his opponent isn't "ready", and americans aren't "ready"

i can almost hear "macaca" in the background

Anonymous said...

Here is a video that you should watch.