Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July Parade on the 3rd

Come downtown and show your support for Democrats and the Democratic party this year at the July 4th parade in downtown Harrisonburg. Line-up is 4:15PM Saturday July 3 behind the city municipal building; the parade begins at 5PM sharp and usually last something under an hour.

It's been a tough year. Locally, we've seen a hard-fought special election in June, and nationally, difficult times. Two city council seats are open this year, and the party has nominated candidates - Sal and Joe- who deserve your support during a year when Republican headwinds are likely to be strong.

Some feel powerless and angry about the vast forces that control our lives and over which we seem to have only fitful control - from oil spills, to high unemployment, from big government to big business. So let's take an hour during this celebration of the birth of our country to support this president and the leaders of our party, from the local to the national level, in the face of what all of us are confronting and what we've accomplished so far. So many really difficult changes that we can be proud of: the stimulus (still working); the Lilly Ledbetter Act and equal pay for equal work; the health insurance reform (a real start on a deep and vexing problem); torture has ended, lawful military detentions and renditions continue only when necessary. We've even seen an end to the HIV travel ban, and the legislative end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, with a buy-in from the top brass.

Hard work, all. We deserve to celebrate. And we can show our continued support to those who have done the heavy lifting at the local, state and national level. Come join us!

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