Sunday, August 15, 2010

Visions of Virginia's Tomorrow

Visions of Virginia's Tomorrow

Bob McDonnell and Mark Obenshain

Also appearing: 
Todd Gilbert, Steve Landes, and newcomer Tony Wilt

Possible surprise performances by Richard "Dickie" Bell and Emmett Hanger



Anonymous said...

I guess that's why Sen. Obenshain has patroned legislation that would have capped car title loans, supported the Payday Loan Act imposing caps on unsecured loans, and wrote provisions into the ABC divestiture bill specifically designed to regulate the number of stores with liquor licenses, requires a local voter referendum to allow package store licenses in any locality, and maintains the ABC regulatory structure?

Skeptic said...

Sen. Obenshain is a master at obfuscation combined with little action. He can say "I tried."

Case in point from the recent DNR story on this subject:

"We've done a good job of reducing, not eliminating, some of the more problematic concepts of payday lending. I don't think it's perfect by any stretch of the imagination," he said.

Obenshain had concerns that tinkering with the fragile legislative compromise could lead to something worse.

Regarding privatization of ABC? The proof will be in whether the good Sen. et al will actually provide real numbers.

Tom said...

Since Senator Obenshain seems to be posting here anonymously, I wonder if he would answer some questions?

First, I would like to know why he hasn't straightened out the eminent domain issue like he said he was going to?