Sunday, February 11, 2007

Clerk of Court Contest


What candidate do we have who has the qualifications to do the job of running the Clerk's office?
Let's see, who are the announced candidates so far?...

In alphabetical order:
  1. T. Scott Biller, general manager of Lindsey Funeral Home. Independent.
  2. Cynthia Fitzwater, Assistant to the City Treasurer. Independent.
  3. Dianne Fulk, Deputy Clerk, Seeking the Democratic nomination.
  4. Mike Harvey, president of a real estate and settlement insurance company. Independent.
  5. Brenda Huffman, Deputy Clerk. Independent
  6. Chaz Evans-Haywood, former regional representative for former U.S. Senator George Allen. Seeking the Republican nomination.
  7. Sarah Jones, real estate agent. Independent.
  8. Benny Neal, self employed businessman. Independent.
  9. Myron Rhodes, dairy farmer and local activist. Independent.

There are still at least four more individuals who have let people know that they are considering a run. We know who they are, but until they decide to announce formally it wouldn't be fair to name names.

Let's discuss the known candidates for a bit. What are their qualifications or lack thereof?

Who do you like? Who would you like to see?

And very importantly, what are the qualifications necessary to do the job?

And just as important, does it matter if they can do the job or not, or is it just simply a question of who can get elected?


Shelly said...

I don't see where any of these candidates appears more qualified than another.
Many people have no idea what all a clerks office does. Or at least only the area where they may have done business.

I wonder why no one from inside is seeking the position?

Anonymous said...

I think Benny Neal and Scott Biller look like the two best choices. They are both men and experienced in the business world. And they are both known to be conservative.

Dwight Long said...

I agree with the last writer. A woman would have a very hard time getting elected here in Rockingham. Marcia Garst is an exception. And if a man of some accomplishment in the Republican Party would challenge her, Mark Obenshain for example, she would lose overwhelmingly. Marcia would find out who the Family Forum "really" supports.

Anonymous said...

A woman can't get elected here?
Nonsense! This area isn't as backward as you think. Especially in and around the city.
The northern part of the county outside of Broadway leans hard right though.
Marsha Garst is safe, and Mark Obenshain would get a well deserved dose of humble pie if he tries to challenge her for C.A.

finnegan said...

What? Why in the world would Obenshain challenge Garst? That would be a large step down in terms of power. He has his sights set on AG.

Anonymous said...

Obenshain wouldn't likely challenge Garst. What he HAS done is let her know in no uncertain terms that if she didn't toe the party line, that he would run someone against her.
Obenshain thinks he constitutes royalty in the VA Republican Party.

Not Mark Obenshain said...

None of these names jumps out at me.
Are the Democrats going to have a candidate?

Anonymous said...

I believe Mike Harvey is the best qualified person of those listed.
He understands the workings of the deed room, one of the busiest of the clerk's offices.
And he has the interest of the area in mind.
He has sought public office before to help improve life here for everyone.
The others seem only to have gotten interested because of the money.
Vote Mike Harvey!

Carolyn said...

Sarah Jones is head and shoulders above the rest of the field in understanding what this office needs.

She is willing to make the hard choices necessary to employ only the best individuals for the job of handling the public trust and business. There are people there who should simply be gone and Sarah will take care of it.

George said...

I've got to say here that Benny Neal is the only one so far that has actually "done" anything visable. He has already done at least one mailing to both raise funds and support.
Right now Neal is the only one really in the game. I'm leaning toward the candidate who is actually working for the job.

christian man said...

a woman don't have a chance because their not able to do the same job as a man.
im tired of the politially correct people trying to say againts reality.
men are who should lead
women are who should support men
dean welty gets it
democrats dont

Steven Bailey said...

That was about as dumb a thing as I have heard a person say.
I would think that a qualified candidate would/should be good at making sure that all of the responsibilities of the office are taken care of.
How many of these people who want us to believe in them can do that?
I don't see any on this list of many. Damned sad if you ask me.
I'm still looking for a candidate to trust.

Gary said...

Looks like we're all waiting for a good candidate to emerge.
Otherwise we'll get someone who just wants to make lots of money and pretty much the same level of service that we have now.

Benny said...

The Valley Family Forum will try to find some way to make this about gays and abortion. Chaz Haywood will fall all over himself to play to their wishes.

Skeptikor the Jaded said...

Without a choice of someone competent, OR even with a choice of someone competent, area voters will vote the way they always do without a thought of who is best for the actual job.

Anonymous said...

And now Myron "The Republitarian" Rhodes has announced on his blog that he is joining the race.

Cecil said...

I believe that Scott Biller is the only candidate for clerk of the court who is a hometown, native and knows how to serve the people in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. He has proven so by working his way from the bottom all the way to the top in his business now. He has proven so by the day to day operations he manages now in a difficult line of business.

Terry said...

Benny Neal has gained quite a bit of name recognition since his Play Girl revelation. Will it help or hurt?
Will people remember his name and forget the story?

Doris said...

While there are many people who are running for this office,
I still don't see anyone who makes me feel good as a candidate.
Are the dems going to even get in this race?

Anonymous said...

Has Benny Neal even created a campaign committee? If Benny's been raising money without a campaign committee, he'll get in trouble with the SBE.

Benny can't keep a company running for more than a year or two.

Furniture Medic? Handy Andy?

Rumor has it that Brenda Huffman orchestrated the stripper that appeared in a courtroom for a Rockingham County Sheriff's Deputy.

Anonymous said...

The only one that has operated and managed a business with organization, from what I can see is Biller. Maybe Harvey, not sure what his duties as president entail. I think the office would need to be managed just as a business would by making the proper decisions. Working in the office doesn't impress me if you have no management skills.