Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Endless Caverns, Property Rights -vs- Community Impact?

What are your thoughts on this issue?
Is this a reasonable proposal that will provide Northern Rockingham and the town of New Market with good recreational and financial opportunity that will not affect or negatively impact infrastructure like the school system?
Or will this type development threaten ground water, the river, and the neighbor's quality of life.
When does the land owner lose his or her right to use the property they have purchased and pay taxes on?
When does a neighbor have a right to expect that someone next door can't negatively impact the community?

Weigh in with your opinion!

Do you support the proposed recreational development at Endless Caverns?
Both sides have valid points, I would like to see compromise. free polls


BMH said...

Are we talking Disney World or Luray Caverns?

Rockdem said...

Probably more like the Jelly Stone park in Luray from what my understanding is. They also would like to have an outdoor concert capability, a distillery of some sort and they want to build a large deck on the mountain under the Endless Caverns sign.
If anyone has more accurate information, or more details, please weigh in.

Anonymous said...

I feel strongly that we must protect private property rights at all times. With that being said the proposed Endless Caverns development does have an impact on the private property rights of its neighbors. Would the Endless Caverns owners be willing to compensate the adjacent landowners and/or the community for the negative impacts it will have, i.e. traffic, noise, water quality, etc? Probably not. That being the case there needs to be limits set on this development proposal. Seems like the current owners want to make it successful and that's great. I'm sure a compromise can be found.

Anonymous said...

I think that if you pay for the land, and you pay taxes on the land, that you should have the right to do with that land what will be of benefit to you, the person who is the owner.
Other people are just jealous of the land owner's potential profit.

BMH said...

Folks, tourism is a big draw in Virginia. I work a 3 or 4 times a month at Skyland and Big Meadows and although I've lived in the Valley since 1965, I was astonished to see folks from all over the WORLD visiting the Valley. We I talked to them, I found out that they all wanted to visit Luray, Natural Bridge, and Staunton. All of these places have embraced tourism and have benefited as a result. It sounds to me like the Endless Caverns owners would like to add a stop to the international touring itinerary! Sharing the beauty of Virginia in a responsible, positive way can only benefit the Valley.

Anonymous said...

So, anonymous, you think that if you own the land, you have the right to do whatever you would like to do, right?? What about disturbing your neighbors?? How would you like to live next to a trailer park with 450 trailers and about 900 screaming kids/babies?? And, that is only if the trailer has 2 kids. How would you like to live next to an amphitheater (all sides open) during a rock concert?? Or, how would you like the thought of drinking water from your well, knowing that sewage is running in a crevice next to your well?? Think twice before you say a land owner should be able to do whatever they want to do! Because guess what? The owners of Endless Caverns are not finished yet!! The next theme park just may be in YOUR backyard!

Patrick O'Connell said...

To the last anonymous,

Very little of what you write is accurate regarding the proposal at Endless Caverns.
RVs are not "trailers" for one thing. Most people who own them have a ton of money invested in their RV and travel and would be most upset to think about screaming kids running around intruding upon their vacation.

A music event would in my mind be less obtrusive than cattle getting out, the scattering of turkey manure, the roar of harvesting corn or small grain etc... And I don't mind any of those either...

And as far as sewage running into a crevice beside a well?
Here your exaggeration bumps up the scale to dishonesty.
If you know of such an occurrence, report it to the DEQ.

Why should your neighbors be able to dictate what you can and can't do with your property?

In your mind, what good is ownership of property?