Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Numbers Game: submitted by Brent

I just read two numbers in the paper that speak louder than a 200 word essay. The President just asked for 70 BILLION dollars in cuts for Medicare and Social Security. The President just asked for 170 BILLION dollars FOR the Iraq war. Folks, it's more than just "guns or butter." Just think about it.... We're talking about a radical ideology that says it's OK to bankrupt our nation for the sake of preemptive war! War-making is the primary result of our no-nothing-about-foreign policy president! Molly Ivins summed it up pretty well in 2004 in an NPR interview when she said "He knows nothing about foreign policy so he signed up his buddy Dick Cheney's favorite neo-cons to run the show." They don't even think we're in a mess! As Cheney himself said, they think that we've had "enormous successes" in Iraq and that "significant progress has been made." The neo-cons say that we're in an "existential conflict" that will last for generations! Even now, in spite of the November elections, status as a lame-duck minority party leader, and stark reality our President and his advisers are laying the groundwork for WAR IN IRAN! Hey folks we're so good at this watch us do it again! They are cooking the intelligence, rattling sabers, spouting rhetoric that is not even as believable as was the run-up to Iraq. IMPEACH BUSH! This is a crime!

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