Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Goodlatte - wrong again!

Bob Goodlatte, the long time representative of VA-6, once again has misrepresented his constituents. Coming before the House of Representatives was the Holt bill – legislation that would give states the money they need to secure their electronic voting machines with paper ballots in time for the November election.

Goodlatte voted NO to secure elections. NO to fair elections. NO to elections that we can all trust.

The Holt bill got bipartisan support and won a majority of the House. But, it was brought up under a "streamlined" process requiring a 2/3s vote. It fell short because President Bush urged the House to vote against it. Goodlatte, ever the White House lap dog, voted NO.

Want to let Representative (a term I use loosely) know how you feel about free, fair, and open elections that Americans can trust. Common Cause has more information the Holt bill and suggestions about how you can get involved. Contact Goodlatte and tell him you want a paper trail. Tell him to represent Valley voters . . . for a change.

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