Thursday, April 17, 2008

JMU College Democrats elect new officers!

Congratulations to all those who were elected last night at the JMU College Democrats general body meeting! There was competition for many of the offices and the officers elected have a lot of great ideas to get JMU students involved in the Rasoul, Warner and Obama/Clinton campaigns. Look for these students around Harrisonburg and Rockingham County! If you have any ideas for the JMU College Democrats, please pass them along.

President - David McKinney (class of 2010)

Vice President - Megan Sanko (class of 2009)

Secretary -
Dimitry Pompee (class of 2011)

Treasurer -
Sophie Brown (class of 2009)

Director of Fundraising -
Deborah Tenenbaum (class of 2009)

Director of Activities -
Hana Uman (class of 2010)

Director of Outreach -
Amanda Slade (class of 2010)

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Lowell Fulk said...

Congratulations to a great new Team! I look forward to working with you!