Friday, April 11, 2008

Colin Powell Praises Obama

Retired Gen. Colin Powell insists he hasn't yet decided who he'll back in the 2008 presidential election.

What are your thoughts?

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Tad said...

I can't take anything this guy says seriously anymore even if he is praising Obama.

Anonymous said...

Ditto -- This is the same person who LIED to the American people via the United Nations forum! LIED us into the Iraq War DEBACLE, and has FAILED to acknowledge, or even apologize, for his duplicity!

Obama, Hilary, McCain -- all the same; Dirty, Duplicitous, Deceptive, and simply looking for our vote, so they can continue to get rich on OUR backs!


We need to return to our CONSTITUTION, and to the RULE OF LAW, BASED on our Constitution!

Stephen said...

Well anon, What suggestion do you have? These seem to be our choices, soon to be narrowed to two.
And while you both may not think much of Powell, a vast number of centrist Republicans do. So his potential support for Obama is quite important and valuable.
Honestly, I don't see how you can lump Obama in the same category as the other two anyway.

Anonymous said...

Stephen, As I already suggested, we need to return to our Constitution, and the rule of LAW! Just because BIG MEDIA/BIG BUSINESS put forth "OUR" choices (they are not ours -- they are bought by special interests -- ) doesn't mean they are our ONLY choices. We can WRITE IN the candidate of OUR choosing!

Until America elects a President who runs as a "third party" independent candidate, without benefit of "Party" money, special interest & PAC money, we will continue to have lack of leadership, vision, and TRUE REPRESENTATION!

As for lumping Obama with the other two, I listened to his answers at the debates, listen to his message (which sounds much like that of Hilary & McCain when talking about Iran), and follow the money trail!
He may not be AS dirty as the other two (he's younger & hasn't been in politics as long), but already he's getting lots of money from various special interests.

Once that happens with ANY candidate, of ANY party -- he/she has to start answering to those who contributed to his campaign. That leaves the average American "out of the loop"! Therin begins the corruption.

I suggest Ron Paul (my first preference was Dennis Kucinich, but dirty politics marginalized him, barred him from debates, and failed to give him equal exposure)! Ron Paul is the Republican Senator from Texas, and a Constitutionalist. I WILL WRITE HIM IN, before I waste my vote on any candidate who fails to support and defend our Constitution.

I don't hear any of the "mainstream" candidates talking much about our Constitution, about returning to the vision of our Founding Fathers who wrote this great document, outlining the laws & framework for the very foundation of our Republic".

As for Colin Powell, I think NOTHING of him, because he KNOWINGLY LIED - to the people of the United States, indeed, to the people of the world, when he testified before the UN! I care little about what "centrist Republicans" may think of him. I care about integrity, HONOR and Justice! Lying, and in the process, aiding and abetting in starting a Pre-emptive war against a sovereign nation, is an act of a dishonorable man.

He had an opportunity to take a MORAL, principled stand, and REFUSE to "bear false witness" -- instead, he stood there and talked about WMDs which were FALSE!

The link below, shows his testimony!

different anonymous said...

Let us know how that works for you anonymous.

Sherry said...

I made the mistake of voting for Nader and the country ended up with Bush for the next two terms.
I will never vote again for a third choice candidate.
If you lean dem and vote third party it's the same thing as voting republican.