Saturday, May 10, 2008

Is Ignorance Bliss? When it's about food, George and Bob think so.

What a Team!

The Bush Administration and Bob Goodlatte have been working hard to protect us from safe food!
They don’t want us to be worried about our vulnerable food supply.
Thanks Guys!

Bush Administration Asks Court to Block Wider Testing for MAD COW DISEASE

Bush Administration Urges Court to Prevent 100 Percent Testing for Mad Cow---FOX NEWS

Bush Administration has Denied Mad Cow Disease a Threat and Opposed Testing to Protect American Consumers for Years.

Bob Goodlatte has been working hard to protect us from knowing where our food comes from.

Bob Goodlatte travel paid for by lobby groups, many of whom oppose Country of Origin Labeling.

Full country-of-origin labeling funding denied by House Ag Appropriations Committee

Country of Origin Labeling, opposed by Bob Goodlatte for years, finally passes with Dems in control.

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I support allowing a Meat Company to test for Mad Cow Disease.
I oppose allowing a Meat Company to test for Mad Cow Disease.
I don't want to know where my food comes from. I oppose Country of Origin Labeling.
I want to know where my food comes from. Country of Origin Labeling should be required.
I don't care about this, what is the latest on Becky Neal?
I don't care about this, what is the newest reality show?
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“The worst problem of the 21st century is that many people want positions of leadership, but they don't want to make difficult decisions”
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John Foltz said...

I had no idea this was happening!
This attitude borders on criminal and against the interests of the United States. Why haven't we seen something about this in the local media? I darn sure want to know where our food supply comes from, and to be against allowing a producer to pay for testing with their own money is insanity. Our government should have been REQUIRING testing after the FIRST case within the USA!

Tad said...

To me country of origin labeling is exactly what Adam Smith was refering to in Wealth of Nations as perfect information. The consumer should be able to get all information regarding the product he/she is buying and the company should be willing to provide that information. It is the heart of capitalism plain and simple. But the Bob Goodlatte's of the world would rather we keep our current version of capitalism. You know the one where consumers don't ask questions (i.e. mad cow testing, country of origin labeling, GMOs, etc).