Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tracking the Trend Redux for May

Check to see how the race for the Whitehouse continues to develop.


Any Non democratic Moose said...

Can someone realistically tell me why Obama is wasting his time talking to people who can't vote in PR ?

Lowell said...

I've been gone most of the day, can you catch me up?

Any Non democratic Moose said...

Lowell, just trying to find out why he is wasting time in PR when they can't vote...unless O thinks he can convince their kin...that live here criminally...

Lowell said...

I did a quick search and evidently Puerto Ricans can vote in a primary and be assigned delegates, I suppose to the national convention, but are undable to vote in the general election. ???
I've found also that Hillary is actively courting them and promising greater rights.
I didn't know this situation existed. What have you found?

Any Non democratic Moose said...

It seems awhile back, the PR had the chance to vote for citizenship, but having to pay taxes for the services they already get for free from the US, caused many to veto the acceptance of citizenship.

I wish I had that chance to have a great place to live, the securities to do what I wanted and if need, to come to America without the hassles of paying for it.

I find that wrong but then again, I am against further infiltration of undocumented citizens FROM ANY COUNTRY!

Lowell said...

What do you think of the idea that PR be set free? To be an independent nation instead of a protectorate territory of the U.S.?

Any Non democratic Moose said...

If the people are willing to foot their own bill, then fine...let them loose !

Less money for me to be loosing to something that is not in my best interest.

Lowell said...

Not to be dense but could you say that another way?

Any Non democratic Moose said...

If the USA is providing them safety and infrastructure support (road work, military, hospitals...ect) then more of MY tax money can stay here (USA) than help a nation full of people that do not wish to share the costs involved in running another nation.

Go outside and enjoy the weekend Lowell and BTW tell you wife that I said "HI" !

I really do like you guys...Hint ~ Christmas packages to IRAQ...Hint!

Lowell said...

Well there was a hint like a 2x4 between the eyes. :o)

As soon as my vision clears I'll take you up on your suggestion.

Would you folks like to get together sometime?

And back to the other topic, I don't understand why we either don't make them a full part of the states with all the responsibilities which lie therein, or cut 'em loose to figure it out. Seems to be a situation just being let go.

Go over to republitarian and weigh in on the crossing the road issue.

Any Non democratic Moose said...

As soon as we can figure out the free time thing, we would love to hang out. As far as the other site..I politely refuse...Thanks but No thanks.

I'll call...I think we are going fishing tomorrow once she gets done with her work thing and I closed for the day so I have to plant some things in the front yard but I will call.

And yes, they should have to vote on either being a state or cutting the purse strings.