Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Race about Race? For Some, It Sure Is...

Let me begin this post by allowing no misunderstanding about who I support for President.

I will campaign and vote for Barack Obama. He got my vote in the primary. I think the Pubs are scared to death of him.

Thusly, the campaign this year is going to show just how far we have progressed in our attitude and beliefs regarding race, and also allow us to see that in some ways we really haven't done all that well and have some distance yet to go. I am saddened by people's attitude, people I speak with in the grocery store etc... Yet at the same time I am heartened by others and the views they hold and their willingness to speak up.

These two links provide us with a pretty broad hint of things to come:

Please weigh in with your thoughts?
For a somewhat different perspective visit Sun Vs Wind

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Riley Murray said...

I had much the same reaction, when I read the WashPo article.

All the more reason for all of us, many in the great moderate middle, the Mark Warner "radical centrists", to call out this un-American behavior by a small fringe element of our great country.

Reminds me that in my younger days... I saw the "Massive Resistance" to integration right here in the dear Old Dominion in 1963-64. Been there, done that!

It's important for our young campaigners to know that there are some very unhappy souls out there... fore-warned is for-armored.