Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Warner for Senate in Harrisonburg!

Photos by Bubby

Visit Evan Dyson’s site for some really excellent photographs and commentary of the evening. A picture really does speak 1,000 words… Thank you Evan Dyson!

I would first like to extend special thanks to Scott Murray for his involvement and contributions to the evening. Thank you Scott, you’re the Man!

Many thanks also to the many volunteers who arrived early to help the campaign team prepare for the event. There is no doubt that when folks in the Valley are called to action, you show up ready to participate!

I began the evening after music by Mr. Murray, by thanking the 300 plus folks in attendance for coming to show their support of Mark Warner, and I posed them a question:
“United States Senator from Virginia, Mark R. Warner,…… How does that sound?” We can simply say that the applause was thunderous...

Candidate Warner was accompanied by his graceful and lovely wife and partner Lisa, who provides vital foundational support and grounding to his life and service.

Mayor Eagle welcomed everyone to Harrisonburg and did a very nice job of representing the benefit Warner has been to the city, and to the state as our Governor. Mayor Eagle spoke of Mark Warner’s willingness to face tough situations and work to bring about positive results. Taking the bull by the horns was the reference.

Our Candidate for Commissioner of Revenue for Rockingham County in 2007, Esther Nizer, probably spoke the most eloquently as to what Mark Warner has done to benefit the citizens of Virginia. Ms. Nizer spoke to the fact that Governor Warner inherited a six billion dollar budget shortfall from Jim Gilmore, which Warner turned around into a surplus by of all things cutting spending, and then crafted a bipartisan revenue enhancement that both lowered taxes on working people in Virginia while at the same time adding much needed funds to improve our overstressed infrastructure. Ms. Nizer pointed out that by the time Mark Warner left office as Governor of the Commonwealth, our state of Virginia had become recognized as the best state in the nation in the categories of “Best Managed” and “Best for Business” and “Best for Education”

Sheriff Don Farley introduced Candidate Warner with his full endorsement as an Independent, and as a law enforcement officer and elected Constitutional office holder. Sheriff Farley went on to say (my paraphrase here) that during his lifetime of watching with awareness of politics and government, Mark Warner has been the best Governor this state has seen. The crowd agreed enthusiastically.
Our Sheriff also lamented for just a moment that Mr. Warner had not chosen to seek a second term as Governor of Virginia, but went on to say he also understood that we can’t be selfish as Virginians because the nation needs Mark Warner now.

Then Mark Warner stepped up to the lectern to overwhelming applause.

The evening had threatened rain until Candidate Warner took the podium. But as he spoke, the sun came out and shined like it hadn’t all day… I don’t quite know what to make of this, but it happened just that way.

To be continued…


Anonymous said...

Great! Just Great!

Belle Rose said...

Mark Warner at his best. More commentary and photos on Coarse Cracked Corn.

Bubby said...

Standing there listening to Mark Warner's message that he would; with anyone, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Vegetarian, anyone, to make sure every Virginian gets a shot, because that’s how we make this country work...

I thought, "We need more politicians like Mark Warner" - forward thinking, hopeful, smart folks that actually like the job of doing the people's business.

This is the kind of guy our Founders had in mind when they envisioned a representative Democracy. Thank you for your service Governor Warner. You are in the best tradition of Virginian statesmen.

Lockhart2024 said...

It was great seeing so many people come out for Mark Warner! I wish it was during the semester so that JMU students could have been involved, but besides that, the event was great!

Bubby said...

I believe Governor Warner put reporter Jeff Mellott on notice that he would be back here often. We'll be doing some events when the students are back - to include Mark Warner, Sam Rasoul, and Barack Obama. The Valley is in play.

neal said...

mark warner is what most politicians pretend to be.


had a great time.

Sherman H. said...

As Governor, Warner set aside the gimmicks, told the truth, and turned the worst budget deficit in Virginia history into a surplus. And he did it the right way -- by cutting waste while protecting real priorities like jobs and schools. In the Senate, I know he'll take the same, honest, fiscally conservative approach.

B. Smith said...

Mark brought a pragmatic, problem-solving approach to being Governor of Virginia, and he got results.
Easy for people to forget just how screwed up things were when he took office.