Wednesday, July 9, 2008

GOP Fiddles as USA Crumbles

Bridges collapse, water treatment plants release pollutants,

dams and levee systems breach and allow flooding, deferred maintenance causing ever escalating costs...

What is the status of infrastructure? What has been done? What needs doing? What is being done?

Our generation inherited one of the best planned and invested in infrastructure systems in history, and our present group of GOP politicians can't even bring themselves to keep it working.

Something for nothing is a scam...

Click here to find out the condition of United States infrastructure. Be sure to check out Virginia...

Register your opinion on the focus of political debate over the past several years.

Which of the following bothers you most?
Bridge collapse with cars and school bus. Flooding and dam failure. Fish kills and pollution.
Immigrants working and buying groceries.
Gay people existing.
Anything to do with Muslims.
Anything to do with any form of restrictions of weapons, of any type.
Paying taxes.
Whoever put this poll together is just a Liberal Democratic Hack.
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