Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yes We Can Shenandoah Valley!

Dear Friend,

We need you now more than ever,

For together we have the opportunity to help elect

Good Solid Commonsense Democratic Candidates,…


President of the United States

Our Candidate: Barack Obama

Senate of the United States from Virginia

Our Candidate: Mark Warner

House of Representatives of the United States

Our Candidate: Sam Rasoul

Commissioner of Revenue of Rockingham County

Our Candidate: Esther Nizer

Treasurer of Harrisonburg City

Our Candidate: Bill Ney

Harrisonburg City Council

Our Candidates:

Richard Baugh

Kai Degner

David Wiens

Join Valley Democrats and Candidates to show our support

at the 4th of July Parade and Celebration this Friday!

Our Special Guest in the parade:

Senator Creigh Deeds!

Please contact Kai Degner and let him know you will

Join Our Parade Team…

Yes We Can Shenandoah Valley!

1 comment:

Bubby said...

If you have an Obama sign, bring it out to the parade - those things are rare - show it off!