Friday, July 25, 2008

VA Victory 2008 Office Workday!

Rockingham County Democratic Committee

Date: Saturday, July 26, 2006

Location: RCDC/VA Victory ‘08 Campaign Headquarters

Third floor of the Ruddle building

22 East Market St.

(Above Dominion Coffee Company on Court Square)

Time: 9:00 AM –12:00 PM

Working Session

Come and Help Clean, Organize, and Decorate Our New Party Headquarters

For our July meeting, we are asking Area Democrats to roll up their sleeves, bring some office materials listed below if possible, and help setup and organize our new campaign headquarters. The office will be open from 9 AM – 12 noon. Let’s make this a teambuilding event! Here’s a list of materials needed.

o Folding tables, folding chairs, office chairs, file cabinets etc…

o Laser Printers (to produce walk sheets with bar codes)

o Fax Machine, telephones

o Dorm refrigerator(s), Microwave(s)

o Window air conditioners, clock, clock radio

o Coffee Pot(s), coffee, creamer (powered), sugar, sweetener packets

o Copy paper, clip boards, dry erase boards, erasers

o Pens, pencils, high lighters, staplers, staples, paper clips,

o File folders, note pads, legal pads

o Trash cans and liner bags

o Plastic utensils, plastic cups, Styrofoam cups

o Snack foods (individually wrapped trail mix, microwave popcorn etc...), bottled water, flavored vitamin water, juice boxes

o Gift certificates for local restaurants throughout the area (to keep our hardworking volunteers strong as they go door to door, community to community!)

o First Aid Kit, Band aids, Tylenol, Advil, Vitamins (to help keep our volunteers healthy!), tissues

o Anything else you can think of that might not be listed!

Donations of dollars would also be a great way to help and are greatly appreciated!

To make a monetary contribution to this effort please click here

To prevent duplication, please contact Linda Shuler to see what materials are needed.

Linda Shuler

Vice Chair

Rockingham County Democratic Committee



Rockingham County Democratic Committee

RCDC – Dedicated to working on the real issues affecting the Valley


Donna M. said...

I am impressed at the effort Dems are investing in the Valley, an area taken for granted as an easy win for so long by the GOP.

Many people of the area are paying attention, and liking what they see.

Anonymous said...

Holy Smoke Batman!

Are the democrats taking over the good city of Gothamburg?

Ginger S. said...

I can't believe the number of people who are supporting Warner already who normally vote Republican, that are also seriously fed up with what they consider a bunch of do nothing Republican politicians. I've had quite a few ask me if I can get them Obama and Rasoul bumper stickers and signs to go with their Warner stuff. Where can I get these items? I would also like some material to hand out to people who are trying to decide.