Saturday, July 12, 2008

VEEP Stakes

Anyone care to bet who Obama and McCain will choose for VP?

With the caveat that it's early (though the Kerry/Edwards VP announcement came on July 6, 2004), I say:



I'll put the "why" in the first comment.


Deb SF said...

Romney, just because it would be fun to have him to kick around for a few more months.

Second choice: Mike Huckabee, would be almost as much fun.

Kaine because:
He will be out of office at the end of 2009, so will not be around for 2010 congressional redistricting.

Like Obama, Kaine was a civil rights attorney and also taught legal ethics at the Univ of Richmond Law School.

He has 14 years of elected experience as Richmond City Council member, mayor, then VA lt governor and now governor. He is currently Chairman of the Southern Governors Assn.

He has been a lay missionary in Ecuador, is fluent in Spanish and has served as an Obama emissary to Hispanic communities throughout the campaign.

He appears to be a strong 'Peace and Justice' Catholic, opposed to the Iraq war and capital punishment, as well as personally pro-life. Although he has supported consent and PBA laws, he has cut off funding for abstinence-only education, and has said he would veto any legislation criminalizing abortion either for a woman or her doctor.

He is said to be a very close friend of Obama's. Obama campaigned for him when Kaine ran for governor in 2005 and Kaine was the earliest official outside of IL to endorse Obama. More karma: both of their mothers were born in the same small town in Kansas.

Kaine is reputedly squeaky clean and will sail through a vetting process.

Second choice: Montana Gov Brian Schweitzer

pastormike said...

I dont really care who the Veep will be, I think that we need new Candidates, who have ideas that will start to fix this crisis. Before we are all standing in soup lines. But if you are interested in who the veep will be I go to a site called they have Polls and different petitions you can sign. I wish we could have a few more choices this election year. I am not very impressed with Obama’s Energy Plan - If you can even call it a plan>>?? I like the boon pickens plan a little, I signed a petition asking Obama to at least give his plan serious consideration. You can sign the petition at
I had never heard of tboon pickens till about a week ago. I think I like the plan, I just seen it and It seems pretty solid. I dont know though? He is a billionaire after all. Can he be trusted? His complete plan is at

I wonder if either candidate will embrace his plan. Wonder what every one else thinks

Gxeremio said...

For Obama, I think it will be Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius, who is kind of the female version of Tim Kaine. I hope it will be John Edwards, though.

For McCain, I expect a reach out to the center and/or proving that the Republican party is a "big tent" (meaning not all white guys). Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, former representative JC Watts, and Senator Elizabeth Dole (who has had presidential ambitions of her own) seem like logical choices. Joe Lieberman would be a coup, but probably wouldn't help the ticket much.