Monday, November 3, 2008

The GOP's "Hooters Vote"

In the Huffington Post, Riley Murray of Augusta County explores the "I Am Voting For The Chick!" signs that have popped up in the central Valley. In his post, The Pro-Palin Hooter's Demographic in Va, Riley asks why many women find these signs offensive, while the tone-deaf Republicans seem to love them. He wonders if this could be another, abet less well known, "Macacca moment" for Virginia Republicans.


Anonymous said...

Really? REALLY?!? Who the hell cares about these signs? Good lord, you do realize that you'll never get the couple minutes you spent posting that stupidity back, right? Sheesh...and this from "independent free thinkers" who are always whining about a lack of focus on the issues.

Belle Rose said...

The signs symbolize a vital issue - gender respect and equality. Those who made the signs displayed their lack of respect for their mothers, wives, and sisters. The free thinkers didn't make the signs. The signs were made by people who are stuck in the 1950s when it comes to gender respect and equity.