Tuesday, November 11, 2008

VA, Dems have deep bench, Republicans weak

The Democratic Party in Virginia enjoys a depth of talent and ability as evidenced by:

McAuliffe Takes Steps To Run for Va. Governor

By Tim Craig
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, November 11, 2008; B01

RICHMOND, Nov. 10 -- Former Democratic National Committee Chairman
Terry McAuliffe, a wealthy businessman and Washington insider, filed paperwork Monday to launch a potential candidacy for Virginia governor.
Ending months of speculation, McAuliffe said he plans to spend the next two months traveling to "every corner of Virginia" to gauge interest in his possible run.
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Response from the Moran Campaign:

“We welcome Mr. McAuliffe to the race. We are confident that Delegate Moran’s 20 year record of fighting for Virginia, his partnership with Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, and his vision of Virginia, are what Virginians want in their next Governor.
Delegate Moran helped make Virginia the best managed state in the nation so he doesn’t need governing advice from Washington, DC political operatives.
Given Mr. McAuliffe’s previous ambitions to run for Governor of Florida, he needs to explain to the people of Virginia if he’s doing this for the right reasons.”

Response from the Deeds Campaign:

"Senator Deeds has always expected that other folks would
enter this race and he's looking forward
to an
open and honest debate about how we keep
moving forward to rebuild our economy
and capitalize
on the historic progress seen last Tuesday
by the
victories in Virginia of Barack Obama and Mark Warner."

The Republican Party must place its entire hopes
Bob McDonnell who barely won over
Senator Creigh Deeds
in the race for Virginia Attorney General

in 2005 by some 330 votes statewide.

Many argue that if an actual recount of the
ballots were done in 2005,
the outcome
could have been quite different.


Old Coot said...

It sure does seem like the good people who want to run for office are choosing to run as Democrats.

Tom James said...

I think it's interesting how the dems are now seen as the fiscally responsible group and people are losing faith that the pubs can govern at all.
I always considered myself conservative, and still do, but the pubs have left me scratching my head and wondering.

Anonymous said...

Who in the heck does Terry McAuliffe think he is to want to run for governor of VA? Deeds and Moran have been here, working for the good of the state for years. Now he wants to waltz in and take advantage of all their hard work. Does he even know where the Shenandoah Valley is?

Bubby said...

I believe that Brian Moran has offered Mr. McAuliffe a map of Virginia in a show of good sportsmanship...

Terry McAuliffe is also known as Mr.Money and he is proposing to bring his fund raising capabilities to the entire Democratic effort - a coordinated campaign for the HoD.

Here in the Valley, we are going to need help to off-set the fund-raising capabilities of the Republican incumbents. We simply don't have the local resources to offset the funding shipped in by the RPV...plus the free rightwing propaganda from local media.

We can staff and organize the effort, but we'll need help. These are all very talented and devoted candidates - let's hope that everyone pitches in the final effort to oust the do-nothing Republican majority in the House of Delegates.

Bottom line: This is a good problem to have - a surplus of talent.

Jean said...

Does anybody know who will be running for the Lt. Gov adn AG positions?

Tony said...

I am a Dem and have always voted that way but Terry is part of that DLC and VA does not need him. There are many good candidates out there. Since there are no house & senate seats to run for Mr McAuliffe feel that this is his ticket into Gov't.
He dam near ran the party into the ground when he was chair of the DNC and it took H Dean to clean it up.
Let's find someone else to nominate.

Bubby said...

LG: Jon Bowerbank, Jody Wagner
AG: John Fishwick Jr.

For the repubs...some guy named Bill wants to keep his L.G.job, and John Brownlee thinks that he should be the AG.

Shari said...

Delegate Steve Shannon is also seeking the Democratic nomination for Attorney General.

unionman said...

"Many argue that if an actual recount of the
ballots were done in 2005, the outcome
could have been quite different."

Just curious, what did you mean by this?

Bubby said...

I'm already calling the A.G. for Steve Shannon.

Today comes word that Pat Muldoon down in Giles County has decided to challenge Bill Bolling. Even the Republicans haven't heard of Muldoon.

Rockdem said...

Deeds' attorneys argued to have the 500,000+ paper ballots and punch card ballots (the majority of which opti-scan type)re run through the machine while monitored to effect an actual "recount" but the three judge panel ruled against so doing.
Instead the recount consisted primarily of re checking the tally tapes from the machines.

From the Washington Post:

"...The recount was conducted under the supervision of a three-judge panel and began Tuesday in local election offices and courtrooms across the state. Deeds had attempted to have all ballots rerun through the same machines on which they were tabulated on Election Day.

But the judicial panel rejected his motion, and paper ballots were the only ones that were recounted in most places. In localities with optical scanners, the most widely used among four types of voting methods in the state, officials merely double-checked the math by comparing totals on computerized ballot tapes and poll books recording how many people voted.
Then, state police picked up sealed boxes holding the results from each jurisdiction and ferried them to state election officials in Richmond to certify. Most arrived in cardboard boxes sealed with packing tape, although one local election board sent the results in a large Tupperware container, said Jean Jensen, secretary of the State Board of Elections."

I will post links to the articles and reports if you like..