Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What took place locally

The Bottom Line?

What took place in Harrisonburg on November 4th is being debated among the self proclaimed local "experts" with few conclusions being the result.

One conclusion seems to be evident,
Kai Degner
Richard Baugh
David Wiens
Jeff Shafer
worked hard and smart, and won the confidence
of the majority of Harrisonburg's Voters.

Lowell Barb enjoyed similar success in Rockingham County.

Let us give them the grace to step into the leadership role
which these individuals have earned,
while knowing they enjoy our confidence and well wishes.

This area witnessed a fair competition among many good candidates
for all local offices.
Sincere thanks to those who put themselves out there for public scrutiny
in the effort to serve the greater community.

Congratulations to those victorious,
and to those who stepped up to the call.

Our area is better because of you all.

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