Friday, May 28, 2010


Pssst….don’t look now but the Administration’s policies are working

We all know the genesis of the current Tea Party Movement and how it came to be, or at least the version they would have you believe to be true.

According to the Teabagger crowd, after watching the Federal Government abuse the poor helpless taxpayer for far too long, true American Patriots decided enough is enough and organized a grassroots movement to stand up to a government that had run roughshod for far too long. Their mantra became ‘take our country’ back from a socialist administration and a Democrat-controlled congress that were leading this country to ruin.

Now of course, the ‘Teabagger’ version of the movement’s start ignores some very fundamental and troubling realities, such as:

  • Out of control federal spending and growing budget deficits had been going on for eight years under a Republican congress andPresident (who was also white), and these Bush deficits will account for the most of the projected deficits going forward. So where was the Tea Party then, when the real problem was started?
  • The administration to blame for the endless abuse of the long-suffering taxpayers, and that was running the country into the ground, had been in power a mere six weeks when the Tea Party rose up in self-righteous indignation. Just how did Obama accomplish so much in such a short time?

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David Briggman said...

The second you use the tern "teabagger" you lose ALL of whatever credibility you may have had.