Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 2010 "Republican Plan" - Angry and Wrong Ain't a Plan

As I listen for some sign that the Republican Party has a plan, any plan, to fix America's problems, I'm struck by their notion that giving wealthy people a tax cut isn't going to do anymore for unemployed, or underemployed people now than it did when George Bush was President and pushed through his great unfunded tax cuts. And when Republicans voted against extending unemployment benefits when times are so tough, it was WRONG. Who are these guys working for? We need jobs, and a living wage.

So here you go, the "Republican Plan" - you buying?

Out-of-touch, angry and still wrong isn't a plan boys!


Anonymous said...

Spend,spend,spend while unemployment goes threw the roof ain't a good plan either.

Bubby said...

The word is "through". Unless you are referring to the Bush era economic polices which THREW American into economic ruin.

But not if you are talking about the unemployment checks which go THROUGH the hands of the unemployed, and into the local economy.

Anonymous said...

Bubby if the idiot in charge created real long term jobs instead of just keep giving unemployment benefits we might be getting somewhere. I hear Mrs Clinton is thinking of making another run.I can't imagine me thinking that we would be better off but we would have to be better off with Mrs Clinton that the idiot we have now.