Friday, July 9, 2010

GOP Rep SLAMS his own Party

GOP Rep. Inglis: Republicans Are “Preying on Fears,” Spreading Messages With Hate Radio

This post originally appeared on Think Progress.

Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC), who lost recently in his primary run-off for the Republican nomination to keep his seat in Congress, is speaking out about the influence of hate radio and right-wing fear mongering in the Republican Party. In an interviewwith the AP, Inglis called out reactionaries like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck for spreading “demagoguery” and hatred in society:

– Noting that Palin had spread the “death panel” smear, Inglis said, “there were no death panels in the bill…and to encourage that kind of fear is just the lowest form of political leadership.”

– Inglis slammed GOP leaders for following hate radio talkers, rather than leading on principle: “I think we have a lot of leaders that are following those (television and talk radio) personalities and not leading [...] What it takes to lead is to say, ‘You know, that’s just not right.”



Wilson said...

Your post explains why he lost. He is out of touch and had to go. This guy is full of sour grapes.

The country is now moving far to the right. RINO's like Inglis are going to be purged along with the Liberals and Progressives.

THEY are the problem, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Deeds tried to make McDonnell look like he was a far right candidate it really worked well for him don't you think.