Sunday, July 11, 2010

Perriello for Jobs

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kelley in virginia said...

are you sure that the 5th has higher employment now than when Perriello took office? i am not so sure. and Martinsville has @20% unemployment.

Perriello should find another issue to run on

Anonymous said...

Fulk do your homework a little better the unemployment rate in the 5th district is higher now than when Perriello took office even after he voted for the jobless stimulus package.This is exactly why the DemoRATS will fail they don't know how to fix any problem they just throw billions of dollars at any problem without any long term plans.

Bubby said...

The unemployment rate in the Martinsville metro area is lower than it was one year ago. The facts are stubborn things huh?

What is the Republican Party plan to put Americans back to work? Another war? Building fences in Arizona? Maybe just let the jobless eat cake!

Anonymous said...

Unemployment is down...

Jobless rates drop
Thursday, July 1, 2010

By ELIZA WINSTON - Bulletin Staff Writer

Martinsville’s unemployment rate dropped to 20.3 percent in May, according to the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC), but it still was the highest in the state.

The city’s May rate was down from April’s rate of 21.4 percent and also below the 21.3 percent recorded in May 2009, VEC statistics show.
Henry County’s unemployment rate for May was 14.2 percent, unchanged from April. In May 2009, Henry County’s unemployment rate was 12.4 percent.
Patrick County’s rate dropped to 11.2 percent in May from 11.4 percent in April and 12.4 percent in May 2009, the VEC stated.
Henry County’s May rate of 14.2 percent was the third highest rate in the state, according to the VEC. Patrick County had the 13th highest unemployment in the state for May, VEC statistics stated.
The number of unemployed city residents dropped to 1,212 in May from 1,328 in April, VEC reports stated. This May there were 3,515 jobless Henry County residents, down from the 3,565 residents out of work in April.
The total number of unemployed residents in the Martinsville-Henry County micropolitan area was 4,727 in May, compared with 4,893 in April, according to VEC data. The unemployment rate for the micropolitan area was 15.4 percent in May, down slightly from 15.7 percent in April and 16.7 percent in May 2009.
According to VEC statistics, there were 1,028 jobless residents in Patrick County in May, down from 1,048 in April.
The total number of employed residents in the Henry County-Martinsville micropolitan area was 25,968 in May, down from 26,187 in April and 26,271 in March, VEC data showed. The labor force, or sum of employed workers and people seeking work in the Martinsville-Henry County micropolitan area, also decreased to 30,695 in May from 31,080 in April.
Virginia’s May unemployment rate of 6.9 percent increased from the April rate of 6.7 percent, according to VEC statistics. Virginia’s unemployment rate continues to be below the national rate, which was 9.3 percent in May.
VEC statistics showed that Arlington County retained the state’s lowest unemployment rate in May at 4.3 percent. Williamsburg’s unemployment rate for May remained the second highest in the state at 14.5 percent.

Anonymous said...

Poor Martinsville! They have been hammered since the Republicans outsourced their jobs many years ago.
Now the Republicans are trying to block any help for the area.

Bubby said...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stanley Furniture to eliminate 530 jobs by year’s end

The Roanoke Times
Southside Virginia sustained another hard economic blow today with news that Stanley Furniture Co. will be eliminating more than 500 jobs and moving some manufacturing operations overseas.

The Henry County-based company will send the majority of the manufacturing of its adult product line to overseas vendors. Its Young America nursery and youth product line will continue to be produced in Robbinsville, N.C., but some components will be produced overseas, too.

As a result, 530 jobs will be eliminated by the end of the year in the company’s Virginia locations. “We’ve put up a fight as long as we could; maybe longer,” said company CEO Glenn Prillaman, who praised the skill, craftsmanship and dedication of employees. He said the Virginia operations remained profitable until late 2008, when the national recession took hold.

Wait! The recession began under George Bush? That isn't what Glen Beck and Rush Limpbaugh told us!

Anonymous said...

Want a FACT ? When Perriello took office the unemployment rate for the 5th district was 8.2 it is now 8.9 even after Perriello voted for the jobless stimulus package.Perriello will soon see how it feels to be in the unemployment lines.We will PINK SLIP PERRIELLO it is a promise.

Bubby said...

Like when you targeted Perriello by cutting the gas line at his brother's house, and slicing the wires to his outside security lights? Dirty fucking teabaggers!

Anonymous said...

Bubby why must you be such a dirt bag liar ? What tea party member cut Tom Perriello's brother's gas line ? Please tell me i would love for you to show me the proof you have that ANYONE cut the line.If you can't prove it then everyone will know you are a dirt bag bald face liar.

Anonymous said...

Fulk are you going to stand behind Bubby's lies again this time or will you call him out for it ?

Anonymous said...

This must be how Democrats respond when you give them facts that they can't argue with they call you names.

Bubby said...

Sorry teabagboy, You'll just have to wait for the FBI investigation to conclude. Hopefully that shoe will drop about Labor Day, and all Virginian's will know what the teaparty is made of.

Anonymous said...

Nerve hit? Seems like the FBI investigating a purposefully cut gas line would indicate it was done, or are the FBI and VA State Police dirt bag liars too?

Anonymous said...

So Bubby you admit that you are a dirt bag bald face liar that just spreads lies and i have never been to any tea party but they are alot better people than you could ever hope to be.Take a good look everyone Bubby told a bald face lie and he knows it.Bubby please don't forget to HELP Perriello like you did the other Democrats last Fall and like you HELPED Kai.

Bubby said...

Perriello raised $660,000 second quarter, $1.7 M in hand. You teabaggers should get a job and step up to help fellow teabagger Jeff Clark. Who knows he may need the money for his defense fund.

Peter said...

Anon wrote, "This must be how Democrats respond when you give them facts that they can't argue with they call you names."

And then proceeds to call other people names throughout several posts.

Anon, you are the poster child for cowardice, and for hypocrisy. Sadly these are two main pre-requisites for being a tea party minion.

Anonymous said...

Bubby even if Perriello raises a billion dollars he will still lose in November.Remember Deeds ?