Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Against Jobs?

We must support these Champions for the Valley!

We can easily substitute "Bob" with Matt Lohr, Steve Landes, Todd Gilbert, Chris Saxman and/or Ben Cline in the video below...

What Lohr, Landes, Gilbert, Saxman and Cline fail to mention is that the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund will be out of money by the fourth quarter. Then what do they propose?

What they fail to mention is that the $125 million dollars they refused would help forestall the inevitable increase in unemployment costs to Virginia businesses.

Gee, one must wonder how they left out that little detail?...


Toni D. said...

I have done some reading on this issue for my own better understanding, and I can't for the life of me figure out why these republicans oppose using this money in Virginia. Other than purely partisan politics that is.

James said...

Toni -

You're must not have researched much otherwise you would have noticed that accepting the money would have raised taxes on businesses, making it harder for them to hire employees!

The GOP extended benefits and managed to add 1000 people who were going to be dropped from unemployment benefits during the General Assembly session.

Toni D. said...

No James you're wrong.
Whether you misunderstand or are being dishonest remains to be seen.
Taxes would not increase until the $125 million was gone, and then only by about $5.00 per employee per year.
The General Assembly could then revisit the issue and vote to do away with the coverage. Not so hard to figure out.

Bubby said...

I employee several dozen Virginians and pay one of the lowest unemployment insurance rates in the nation here in Virginia. Toni is correct, the cost of keeping this unemployment ins. extension, should we choose to, would have been $5/year. That is nothing compared to what I pay for their health insurance or other benefits.

However, I fully expect that as the unemployment extension nears its end, we will no longer need it, and can end this expense. That is because I believe in America and our ability to rise again. I have no use for the fear that Republican politicians are selling.

Let me further educate the Republican Faithful: These unemployed people spend that unemployment check at our stores, tire shops, and for other necessities. This money re-enters the economy, our local economy, fast.

The only reason to oppose the $125 million Federal dollars for unemployment benefits was ideology, dumb partisan ideology. The same partisan Republican ideology that has led America to the brink of ruin, and pushed so many from the GOP.