Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tipping Point Near - Americans Increasingly Like Track We're On

From Daily Kos Weekly Trend Data 4/30/09:

Enough data points have been gathered... it is safe to conclude, we have strong statistical evidence of a process shift. Americans have been steadily increasing their positive sense of the direction that the country is headed or "on the right track". Looking at the run chart data above, Right Track/Wrong Track, a sustained positively increasing trend is clearly in evidence.

Expect to see a tipping point or cross-over point soon, where more Americans feel we are on the Right Track vs. those that don't.

Also notable, is the sustained process stability of President Obama's favorable rating. His favorable rating appears to been holding steady at about 70%, with significantly low variability.

Americans like what they see so far, 100 days into this new Administration.

Run Chart "Trend" Rule: a sequence of 6 or 7 points continually increasing or decreasing.

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