Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Creigh Deeds Proposes Valley Biomass Facility

Senator Creigh Deeds, on the campaign trail for Governor, has outlined his plan to make Virginia a leader in alternative energy. Deeds proposes a State initiative to invest in 3 regional bio mass facilities including one in the Shenandoah Valley for poultry and ag waste.

Deeds' plan calls for the state to invest $5 million each toward development of a switch grass facility in Southside Virginia, a poultry litter and agricultural waste facility in the Shenandoah Valley and an algae facility in Hampton Roads. You will notice that this is not about growing feed grains for energy production. He is calling for Virginia utilities to use 22% renewable energy by 2025.

I had a chance to talk with Senator Deeds during his recent visit to Harrisonburg and we talked about this research at Virginia Tech. A professor at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has developed a transportable process that converts poultry litter to bio oil and produces a slow release fertilizer by-product. The bio-oil production ranges from 30 to 50 percent by weight, with hardwood shavings giving a near 60% return. It is exciting research, from our Land-Grant University, with big potential for Valley agriculture, jobs, and the environment.


Anonymous said...

Love the idea, hate the pic. Do you people hate Creigh? Why would you show him with an attention seeking midget moron? Personally i think Creigh deserves better. Have some class, you don't need to bring Creigh down.

Anonymous said...

I knew that republimoron and his cowardly supporters/closet friends like john doe, frankie boy, frank vitt, db, dong, etc, wouldn't have the cajones to respond. They are just pu**ies unless they can bully people.

Bubby said...

When you get into politics you have to get over your big ol' self, relate to everyone, listen and search for the common ground - IF you want to be successful and get things done. That's why some very smart, well educated people couldn't get themselves elected (or appointed) as dogcatcher. They don't have the essential skill set - humility and a genuine interest in other people.

Anonymous said...

Finally. Bubby provides the explanation for why Lowell and Dianne Fulk lost three elections between them, why Esther Nizer lost twice, and why Matt Lohr and Mark Obenshain have been so successful in recent elections in the area.

Lowell, Dianne and Esther don't care a whit about other people, and they're just not humble enough. That's why these smart and well-educated people can't get themselves elected dogcatcher.

Bubby said...

Yeah, even Mark Warner and Barack Obama couldn't win in Rockingham County. Its tough. And Dianne Fulk did just come up 200 votes short in 2007. If only so-called Democrat Wayne Harper had been on the team, instead of endorsing an Independent candidate.

Lowell Fulk won elected office as a Democrat. Twice. Getting re-elected is a great report card from the electorate. Which is why it was so disappointing to see former Harrisonburg Mayor Joe Fitzgerald turned out of office after just one term...and why it is so exciting to see Democrats Kai Degner, Richard Baugh and Dave Wiens get another shot at it.

Bubby said...

Oh, By-the-way, the photo of Creigh Deeds and the Republitarian came from Creigh's own web site. You can see more photos in Creigh's media section; this one came from "Commonwealth Conversations Harrisonburg Meet and Greet" here.