Saturday, June 20, 2009

Healthcare Insurance Monopoly - Fear of Competition!

No Competition in 94% of US Markets

HealthCare '09 We Can't Wait - Rally in DC - June 25th


Anonymous said...

What happened to Kaine when he was on the campaign trail he said he was going to fix the VDOT problems and bring them to a new level. I have been a life long Democrat but i will not be voting for a Democrat this year McDonnell will get my vote. Kaine has not lived up to his word,and im afraid Obama is headed down the same road.Kaine should be here in Va doing the job he was elected for.

Bubby said...

Tim Kaine's transportation budgets have been sabotaged for 3 straight years by a Republican majority House of Delegates. And Bob McDonnell with his Regent University law degree was the attorney who said that the regional transportation tax authorities were legal...which was unanimously found unConstitutional by the Va. Supreme Court.

We need to fire a bunch of these obstructionist Republican Delegates and get Virginia back on track.

And you really need to start paying attention. Bob McDonnell is a step back to Jim Gilmore politics. We have enough boob-tube fools voting.

Anonymous said...

Kaine promised to get VDOT fixed and it is worse now than when he took office. I am a life long Democrat but the Democrats really need to stop playing the blame game and get some of the problems fixed without throwing billions of dollars out the window. Obama and the majority of the senate are Democrats so do not tell me that bs about the Republicans are the problem. George Bush screwed up big time, then Obama came along with a bunch of promises of HOPE and CHANGE but nothing he promised has came threw the way he said it would. Unemployment is way higher now than it ever was when George Bush was in office. I don't know about you but what is going on now is not the kind of CHANGE i voted for.

Bubby said...

Are you retarded? You blather on about VDOT and Tim Kaine then blame Virginia's transportation funding problem on Obama and the United States Congress. Try NOT voting at all.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bubby, I forgot i was talking to a bunch of Democrats from now on i will slow down and only talk about one of the Democrats short falls at a time so you can keep up.