Sunday, June 14, 2009

We have been called out!

O.K. Folks,

That rascally Riley Murray has issued a challenge and has the temerity to think Democrats in Augusta County will kick in more contributions to Greg Marrow's campaign than we will.

I've pasted his challenge below, read it and then let's show those Augusta County folks who really supports Greg Marrow!

Lowell Fulk

Riley's message:

I say Augusta County donors can raise more money than the folks in Rockingham Co., Albermarle Co. by July 31st!

Donate to Greg's campaign today! I just did!

Donate any amount you can... even $5, $10 or$20 will help us win in November.


Dan will report the results.

Bragging rights in the 25th are at stake!

Riley Murray


Greg Marrow said...

What will the winner get?

Rockdem said...

The best representation the 25th House of Delegates District has ever seen! How's that for a friggin' prize?

Anonymous said...

Why are you Democrats so bitter you got the golden one as your leader ? Maybe he is not what you expected, or are the empty promises he made on the campaign trail causing you to wonder if a backlash coming ? One thing you need to learn is you can not spend your way out of a problem. BHO is going to make Jimmy Carter look good.

Anonymous said...

Look at the great ideas the Democrats that are in office now have, doesn't that make you want to make a donation so you will can have some more HOPE and CHANGE.