Saturday, June 27, 2009

Deeds - Lessons Learned - Every Voter Counts

Tom Jensen (PPP) audio interview on WVTF Va Public Radio:

Lessons Learned:

<> Deeds got 80-90% of undecided votes.

<> Deeds competed everywhere.

<> Deeds focused on 4th quarter game plan. Didn't get sucked into an ad spending battle with McAuliffe, early in campaign. Ran race as a long-distance runner, not a sprinter.

<> Virginia roots matter. "Man of the people" label is a given with Creigh.

<> McDonnell will have a tough sell -- that he can offer any real progressive, positive change in Virginia. The VA GOP has focused on barriers, blockades and bluster to stop any significant legislative progress in the last four years. Party of NO ... to Party of Just Say Yes? Really? NOT!

<> VA GOP personal attack ads against well-regarded Deeds are likely to be ineffective. Virginians know the difference between good guys and bad guys. Good luck with that Bobby McD!


Anonymous said...

Fulk you are right this time. Virginians do know the difference between good guys and bad guys thats exactly why you can not win a election.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that one lmao

Rockdem said...

Um, hey genius anon, look at the author?

Anonymous said...

Well im sorry Rockdem, i did what the Democrats did with the stimulus package i didn't read all of it. Fulk you might not have wrote it but it sure fits you.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have been trying to make a ass of the USA for years.