Sunday, June 28, 2009

Energy Stimulus, Round One

The first round of federal stimulus funds designated for energy conservation programs is on the way to Virginia.

Roughly $28 million in stimulus money was released Friday and will go toward jump-starting a variety of programs in the state's energy plan, including rebates to homeowners who make energy efficient upgrades to their residences.

The allocation is part of $70 million the state will receive that will go toward implementing programs to spur investment in residential, commercial and industrial efforts to become more energy efficient.

"We feel like these investments will help carry forward work that we're already doing in Virginia to transition to a new-energy economy," Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said Friday in a conference call with reporters.

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Anonymous said...

Fulk how does that homeowners rebate work ?

Rockdem said...


Anonymous said...

Yes I would really like to know

Rockdem said...

A ready example I can use anon is the credit on well insulated garage doors.

If you install a qualified insulated garage door you can receive a tax credit of 10% of materials cost for the job. If the materials cost is $1,021.00 your credit, or your savings on the purchase of your new garage door, would be $102.10.

Not a lot of money, but it does provide an incentive to folks to consider a better insulated and more efficient product when making a purchase decision.

An insulated garage door saves the homeowner in heating and cooling costs for his/her home. Many folks have been so pleased that they have contacted me to volunteer for radio ads of endorsement.

Here is an example tax credit form from Overhead Door Company

Here is a builder's journal article on energy upgrade tax credits and rebates.

Rockdem said...

Here are two examples of qualified products:

Our "Thermacore" series


Our "Courtyard" series