Friday, November 6, 2009

11 states emerging from recession

As the national economy starts its slow recovery, 11 states and the District of Columbia are showing signs of emerging from the recession, according to a new report.

Alaska, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Washington, D.C., are in recovery, according to Moody’s, an economic forecasting firm. It determines where a state is in the recession based on employment rates, home prices, residential construction and manufacturing production figures. Some or all of these indicators were stable or improving in these states.

States that have invested in high-tech industries or green energy could find themselves in an enviable position, said CanagaRetna. He singled out wind energy in Oklahoma, solar energy in Tennessee and biotech firms in North Carolina as industries that could drag states out of the doldrums.

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Let's face it, financial regulation is boring and complicated. But if the economic crisis taught us anything, it's that bringing Wall Street under control is one of the most critical domestic policies facing the country right now.
Here's what you need to know, and who you need to watch, as Congress readies its banking overhaul.

1. A New Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Subprime mortgages. Abusive and arbitrary rate hikes on your credit card. Payday loans. If you're wondering who lets banks get away with this crap, there are more people at it than you think. There are no less than four federal regulators responsible for overseeing consumer protection in finance, and all of them are terrible.
Regulators currently are responsible not only for keeping consumers safe from predation but for ensuring the "safety and soundness" of banks -- that is, keeping banks from failing.
Not surprisingly, sometimes what's best for bank balance sheets doesn't exactly jive with the interests of consumers. If banks can fend off failure by gouging you on your credit card, they're going to do it, and regulators aren't going to lift a finger to stop them.

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Deb SF said...

Thanks for the link, this goes to all my macro classes next Mon/Tues.

Good data. You might also be interest in this (my classes were:)
more data, a direct comparison of prices of medical procedures and medicines compiled by the International Federation of Health Plans, with more than a hundred member companies in 31 countries. Procedures include stuff like MRI and CAT scans, well baby visits, hip replacement, cataract surgery. Drug costs compared include Lipitor and Nexium.

I came across it while reading an interview with Kaiser Permanete CEO George Halvorson here:

Jaceinva said...

Hi,I guess you saw the disgusting sign equating Health Care reform with the Holocaust yesterday?
I think this could hurt Cantor,since he spoke at the rally and refused to comment on any of the signs. Sites like this one could make this story viral.

I posted this on Daily Kos yesterday:!-Send-them-the-Dachau-photo!

I live in Eric Cantor's district. I believe he has no shame and would do anything to gain political power. Calls & e-mails from dems & leftists have no effect on him.

However,Cantor sits on the board of trustees for the Virginia Holocaust Museum,located in Richmond!:

I imagine they would be none too pleased to learn that Cantor spoke at a rally comparing Health Care Reform to Dachau.

So I call upon all Kossacks(especially Virginia Kossacks) to call or e-mail the Virginia Holocaust museum and ask them how they feel about one of their board members attending a rally that compares Health Care to the Holocaust.
Here's their contact info:
Virginia Holocaust Museum
2000 East Cary Street
Richmond, Virginia 23223
Jay M Ipson,President and Executive Director
Leigh Weedon: Assistant to Executive Director

Here's the message I sent to the museum:
Hello everyone,

I have lived in Richmond for many years and have visited the Virginia Holocaust Museum many times,since it was in its original location. I saw something on the news earlier that I found shocking,this sign:

I've attached a photo from today's anti-Health Care Rally Washington,DC. The sign equates the Health Care bill in Congress to the Nazi atrocities in the Dachau Death camp. I have always believed that exploiting the holocaust for political purposes is beyond the pale. This "Dachau" sign is no exception.

What I find disturbing is that our own Rep. Eric Cantor,a trustee of the Holocaust Museum attended and spoke at this rally. It is possible that he was not aware of this sign,as there were many signs in the crowd. When asked about some of the ugly signs on MSNBC,he changed the subject,watch that here:

I hope you will forward this to Mr. Cantor and I hope he will condemn this use of Holocaust imagery.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Fulk you have some valid points here. As you know I have said many times until we get long term jobs the economy will NEVER be stable. We need to end NAFTA and end both wars NOW we can no longer afford them. Lets forget Republican and Democrat policy for a minute does anyone think we will ever win a war in Afghanistan ? I said three years ago we needed to end both wars the cost is to high, the USA is broke and to many lives are being lost. This is one of many points where i DON'T agree with John McCain who is a good man but i just don't blindly follow anyone.If anyone ever creates long term jobs they will get this Republicans vote i don't care what letter they have beside their name.Bob McDonnell ran on job creation and i supported him with ALOT of time and money so i plan to hold his feet to the fire to make sure it happens.

Rockdem said...

I'd be happy to have a sincere discussion anon.

Rockdem said...

Thanks Deb and Jaceinva.