Monday, November 2, 2009

GOP Plans for Coastal Virginia

Here is Bob McDonnell's vision for Virginia's Coast.

Environmental groups say the oil leak spilling into the Timor Sea should be declared a national emergency, with one expert likening it to a ''disaster movie''.

The situation has worsened in the last 24 hours with a fire breaking out on the deck of the West Atlas rig and Montara well head platform, when the company responsible for its operation began to plug the rig’s leak below the sea bed with mud.

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Anonymous said...

And the Democrats claim the Republicans are the party of fear and hate.Democrats must want us to stay dependent on foreign oil forever when we have our own right here in the Usa.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha!!!! You people are beyond parody at this point! Nice try though...maybe Deeds has enough time to get an ad up with that image, cause he's just not been negative enough. Lets see just how far you folks want to push his unfavorable numbers up!

GOP Left Me said...

Don't do reality very well do you anon? That picture off the coast of Virginia is o.k. with you then?

GOP Left Me said...

How much of Virginia's soul are you willing to sell?

Anonymous said...

You know, what you need is a video of that image, maybe some sad looking kids walking barefoot beside decrepit, abandoned buildings, with some really dark and foreboding music in the background. Then flash that selling of VA's soul line on the screen a few times.

I have to hand it to you guys. The comedy here is top-notch...well done.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Democrats are willing to sell the USA to its soul. Bob McDonnell will be the next governor of Va, the people of Va are fed up with the Democrats lies about HOPE and CHANGE.People want long term jobs not empty promises and lies. GOP Left Me the Democrats are going to leave you in the dirt after tomorrow. We will begin to put Va on the right track starting tomorrow.Things sure have CHANGED in a year.Obama thank you.

John Doe said...

…”The vice president’s extreme opposition to domestic energy development goes all the way back to 1973 when he opposed the Alaska pipeline bill. As Ann Coulter pointed out, “Biden cast one of only five votes against the pipeline that has produced more than 15 billion barrels of oil, supplied nearly 20 percent of this nation’s oil, created tens of thousands of jobs, added hundreds of billions of dollars to the U.S. economy and reduced money transfers to the nation’s enemies by about the same amount.”

“This nonsensical opposition to American domestic energy development continues to this day. Apparently the Obama-Biden administration only approves of offshore drilling in Brazil, where it will provide security and jobs for Brazilians. This election is about American security and American jobs.”

Sarah Palin

p.s. OOooooOOOOOH!! Whine Whine Whine! Don't develop oil, it might leak. NIMBY! Besides, the sky is falling in!