Sunday, November 1, 2009

Marrow for 25th District, action over reaction

Cause and effect. Action and reaction. There seems to be two kinds of people in this world, those who often struggle to deal with effects of events seemingly beyond their control and those who, through their intentional actions, seem to cause things to happen, with positive outcomes. These two types of human behaviors are categorized as being At Cause or At Effect.

At Cause leaders, who have the ability to accurately assess the current situation and act with direct intention, in a proactive mode, are usually the most successful in driving to good results for the folks they lead or represent. Whether it is on the battlefield, in the business world or in politics, leaders who seize the day and act with clear, strong intent are a positive force for success.

Dr. Greg Marrow is a proven leader, who operates At Cause with a vision for improving economic conditions for all the folks in Waynesboro, eastern Augusta and eastern Rockingham counties, the 25th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. He understands we need to continuously improve the delivery of cost-effective public services, getting more bang for the taxpayers' buck. He will drive for excellence in education, ensure that we maintain good roads and encourage the development of new high-technology manufacturing businesses in our area of the Shenandoah Valley. Greg has a solid technical education in science and medicine and strong pro-active leadership skills, honed as a naval officer and medical professional.

Anyone who saw the Marrow-Landes debate Sept. 24 in Waynesboro witnessed his command presence in action. Dr. Marrow will lead from the front, while Steve Landes chooses to follow, allowing others to lead the way. After 13 years, it is time for a change of command.

Voters have a clear choice. If you want to see an intensely focused effort on attracting high-technology manufacturing companies, a commitment to excellence in public education and strong representation of our local interests in Richmond during the tough budget battles ahead in this difficult economy — you can trust Greg Marrow to get the job done.

Please vote for Dr. Greg Marrow on Nov. 3.

Letter to the Editor - Staunton News Leader


Rockdem said...

Outstanding letter, and I agree wholeheartedly. Greg Marrow will represent the area at a level of professionalism the 25th didn't realize was possible.

Thank you for posting this Riley.

Anonymous said...

Well, its easy to represent the district with a lot of professionalism considering he'll only be doing so in his imagination. He won't win, and everyone knows it.

What do you think RockDem? Does he even get to 45%?

Rockdem said...

We'll know Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, come on. Your counterpart with the Waynesboro Dems, Chris Graham, has had no problem making predictions. Honestly, to share what surely you must be admitting in private?

Maybe just being brutally honest will help spur Dem turnout?

Rockdem said...

What I admit in private? You boys are in deep and messy crap Anon. If my guys win, then you are totally repudiated and have no hope of recovery. If Marrow is even close by your own measure, your boy is totally screwed next cycle. We play chess, you play checkers...

Anonymous said...

If your guys win? Hahahahahahaha. I'm not sure if you're still playing the good little Dem soldier or just delusional, but that's incredibly unlikely.

And Marrow somehow keeping it "close" is part of a broader chess game? Please. You kept it close against Lohr when you ran..what do Dems have to show for it? Didn't he win going away next time? You're not playing horseshoes here, chairman.

Lacy said...

Marrow has so much over Landes. He is smarter and much more motivated. I believe him when he says that he won't toe the party line. I hope he wins. If he doesn't, it speaks more of the partisan foolishness of the district than it does of Marrow's integrity. Anon, your comments are just conjecture and inflammatory. Your opinion is irrelevant.