Sunday, November 8, 2009

Governor Elect Bob McDonnell Faces Challenging Times

Big win notwithstanding, Republican Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell will start his administration hampered by a slashed state budget, a politically divided legislature and a sour economy.
Less than 24 hours after he was elected Virginia's 71st governor, McDonnell acknowledged that he will face tough economic times when he takes office Jan. 16.

"Tuesday's election "certainly creates a large majority there that gives me the ability to . . . get full cooperation to get a lot of things done in the House," McDonnell said during his first news conference as governor-elect.
"And then obviously the challenge is for me to get these solutions put together in a bipartisan fashion that we're able to get [them] through the Senate," he said.

McDonnell maintains that he expects to carry out the agenda he outlined during his campaign. And he insisted Wednesday that he will do so without raising taxes.
That agenda includes doubling the size of the Governor's Opportunity Fund, which is used to lure industry to Virginia; tax credits for job creation; merit pay for teachers; and transportation improvements.

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McDonnell Pledges to Govern as He Campaigned

His campaign was over, but governor-elect Bob McDonnell made another promise Wednesday as he began the transition from candidate to chief executive.

"I just want everybody in Virginia to know that I intend to govern the same way I campaigned," McDonnell said.
"I try to tell people in a detailed way what we intend to do, and now that it's time to govern, I want to go about the business of getting the results and accomplishing those goals."

"I intend to hold myself accountable for everything I said I was going to do," said McDonnell, who won 59 percent of the vote to defeat Democrat Creigh Deeds.

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Anonymous said...

Fulk how can you not like this man ? It is my hope that Bob McDonnell will bring long term jobs to Va. I had a long talk with Bob and he PROMISED me jobs would be one of his top priorities as Governor of Va.I feel that when Bob McDonnell leaves office in 4 years he will hand it off to the next governor in better shape than the way he got it handed to him.

Rockdem said...

As I said before, I wish him success. I hope he stays true to his campaign. I will support him in that regard.
And anon, he got handed a state which is in much better shape than most any other state in the country. Having budgetary challenges to be sure, but much less than they may have been.

Could you give me some examples of what you mean by long term jobs? We've not gotten to discuss that.

Anonymous said...

Clean energy such as wind turbines etc.,Textiles,High tech such as searching for cancer cures we have many different job ideas that we could put this great state in a much better position i have never claimed to have all the answers but we need long term jobs not the short sighted jobs that were in the stimulus bill.Im sure you have alot of great ideas yourself maybe better than the ones i mentioned.

J. Tyler Ballance said...

Mr. McDonnell could start off in the right direction if wh worked on bi-partisan campaign finance reform.

James Madison may be credited with writing the First Amendment, but he would not have characterized campaign finance reform as limiting the Free Speech of our citizens.

As we now have it in Virginia, corporations, PACs and citizens who do not even reside in a particular district can give money to a candidate.

If we want the voices of the citizens of each district to be more clearly heard, we must take the following steps:

1. Eliminate corporate contributions. Corporations are profit making entities whose by-laws mandate that they expend money only with the expectation of a return on that investment. This is perceived by the citizens as corruption.

2. Eliminate PAC contributions.

3. Restrict contributions to come only from citizens whose PRIMARY residence is within the district.

4. Cap the amount to the federal limit for an individual contribution.

These reforms will amplify the voices of the citizens who reside in the respective districts, and restore the representative relationship between our elected officials and the citizens who reside in their areas of representation.

Campaign finance reform will enhance the ability of the individual citizen to be heard.

Rockdem said...

I agree with each of your points Mr. Ballance. In fact, these were all proposals upon which I campaigned both times I ran for the House.

I do hope these ideas catch some wind.

Anonymous said...

Fulk what did you think of my ideas ?

Anonymous said...

JTB, those proposals are bunk. Not allowing those outside the district to contribute? Why? Its my money, and if I want to support a candidate in Nebraska or wherever that should be my right. And capping the amount one can give? Again, that shouldn't be up to anyone else to decide.

Besides that, all you'll end up doing is having even more millionaires run for office and attempt to buy it (i.e. Mike Bloomberg, John Corzine, etc). Unless your draconian "reform" includes limiting the amount a candidate can use to underwrite his/her own campaign?

S Morgan said...

As usual Anon you're an absolute douche bag. McDonnell & clean energy? This is a gut who slurps from the teet of big oil and dominion power. Remember "drill baby, drill?" He has consistently supported dominion power rate hikes. Clean energy my ass, he's had time to show his true colors.

Textiles? They left America in the 1980s and 90s as corporate greed moved overseas. Apparently you've been watching too much porn and not paying attention.

Cancer cures? Please!! VA will NEVER be a bastion of intellectual, medical research!! This is a state of retards and lawyers. NoVa is full of lawyers and the rest of the state is mentally challenged (to be polite).

You pukes still think that dinosaurs and humans walked the earth together 3,000 years ago. And despite all the comprehensive research of great scientists, you still think that mankind came from some simple place called "eden."

You care more about yourself than you do your fellow man, yet you call yourself "Christian."

You still argue and re-enact a war you lost 124 years ago.

And you expect intelligent people to move here?

McDonnell is a regressive Nazi who wants to put our state in HUGE debt. It won't be but a month or two in office when his lies and bullshit will start to unravel.

Anonymous said...

Bubby have you came back with a new name and the same idiotic ideas ? Son your man Creigh(whats in your wallet)Deeds was a no plan man and he LOST big time.No I don't expect intelligent people to move here they live here now idiot. Son your team has been rejected.S Morgan my ass you might be drinking captain morgan Bubby.

Rockdem said...

Interesting how the anon commenter at 9:19pm and S Morgan at 9:27pm both posted comments from the same computer... Trolls are ugly and treacherous creatures.

Rockdem said...

Anon of 6:08pm,
It would help me a great deal if you would choose a name and stick to it so I know at least which person who doesn't want to own their comments I'm speaking with. Which ideas are you referring to when you ask? Are you the anon from 11:50am?

Anonymous said...

Fulk you know my comments by now when i make them i have been saying the same things for a long time. mine comments were at 11:31,11:50,6:08,and 9:45 thanks

Anonymous said...

I meant to say my comments