Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bi-Partisan Redistricting Killed in Virginia

Governor McDonnell campaigned on non-partisan redistricting. Too bad his boys in the House of Delegates didn't get the message.

RICHMOND -- A last-ditch attempt to de-politicize the legislative redistricting process was shot down in a House of Delegates subcommittee today.

State Sen. Creigh Deeds’ bill, SB173, would have created a bipartisan advisory commission to prepare redistricting plans for General Assembly and congressional districts after the 2010 census and every 10 years afterward.

The measure had bipartisan support in the Democrat-controlled Senate, where it was approved 40-0. But a subcommittee of the Republican-controlled House killed it this morning, leaving little chance of any change in the current process before district lines must be redrawn next year.

Roanoke Times

“But these guys want to run without competition in their districts with 12 percent turnout” Creigh Deeds


Brian said...

I wonder why Sen. Deeds never felt the need to fight the injustice of partisan redistricting when his party was in the majority.

Bubby said...

Where you been sonny jim! Creigh Deeds has been talking about non-partisan redistricting since the last redistricting in 2001.

Let's have a pop quiz! In 2001 which party was in control of the Virginia Senate? House of Delegates?

Brian said...

You make my point for me.

Anonymous said...

What's your point exactly?

Bubby said...

My point Brian is that you are an ignorant fool. Partisan redistricting is EXACTLY what the Republicans did during the last redistricting. Thanks for playing!

Brian said...

Bubby, with all due respect, you're an idiot. Was the partisan redistricting after the 1990 census ok with you?

You do understand that Creigh is a Dem, don't you, dumbass?

Anonymous said...

Bubby, you were pwned.

And RockDem, you need to clean up this cesspool. Post titles that include "pussies" and "pricks"? Contributors attacking commenters by calling them "ignorant fools"?

Bubby said...

1990? Sorry short pants, Creigh Deeds was a Bath County lawyer in 1990. He was elected to the GA in 1992, I voted for him!

He was so effective and beloved that the GOPers gave him a solid Dem district when they redistricted in 2001. He walked away from it in a bold move and successfully ran for Senate. Jimmy Shuler took his district.

Partisan redistricting is anti-democratic by design. Why do Republicans hate democracy?

Class dismissed.

Brian said...

It's like you get dumber as you go. I'll type this slowly so you might be able to follow along, dope.

Dems had no problem with partisan redistricting when they ran Richmond. They could have enacted reform any time that they wanted to for over a century, but when they were drawing the lines partisan was a-okay.

Now that they don't control the process, they want to change it. Did Deeds (who was elected in 1991, not 92) ever carry a redistricting reform bill before the Repubs' ascension in the GA?

Got it? No? Well, go ask your mom.

There's yer pwnage for ya, moron(s).

Anonymous said...

Something you wingers can't seem to get is that whole election/take office date thing. I'll type this slowly so you might be able to follow along. If Deeds was elected in 91, he would have been sworn in to office in 92.
Have you learned anything over the past twenty years? Maybe something new? Or were you born with your present level of knowledge and experience?

Bubby said...

I do believe that we need to institute bipartisan redistricting to ensure greater citizen involvement, and the vigorous exercise of democracy that is the prerequisite for successful government. To achieve a bipartisan redistricting process I will establish a bipartisan commission comprised of Virginia citizens who have not held any elected office for at least 10 years.”
Candidate Bob McDonnell, 2009

Brian said...

Nice dodge, bub.

Anonymous said...

looks like bubby is doing the pwning
better get back under the porch with the pups brian

Anonymous said...

Anon, you're as much a dumbass as Bubby is.